Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nashville SFGG

I have some dear-to-my-heart friends from college. We have an "annual trip" (I use that term loosely because it's not annual and it's not always a trip....sometimes it's just a night or a lunch) that we take. Over the years it's been coined Super Fabulous Girls Getaway. That's always what it is! 
I LOVE these faces. Randy lives in FL, Laura lives in SC, and Melissa lives in PA. Amy had to come to Nashville (from AL) the next day, as her son got a stomach bug right before she was planning on leaving her house. 
FAB-U-LOUS dinner at Margot Cafe in East Nashville Friday night

We woke up Saturday morning and headed into town. We hit the 12th Avenue South area and went to Draper James first (Reece Witherspoon's store). 
Shortly after that, Amy pulled in to town! 
We ate lunch at Edley's Barbecue (yum), we wondered around a few more shops and posed at this cute pumpkin patch
Several hadn't been to Nashville before so we had to show them downtown. It was packed and touristy so we didn't spend too much time. We mainly walked into some boot shops. Oh yeah, and got me some ice cream. This trip was a couple weeks after my concussion/incident. My tongue was still so numb and tingly and ice cream worked MAGIC on it. :)
We ate dinner Saturday night at Josephine (where they played 90's rap music in this upscale restaurant)
We enjoyed Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream afterwards. I am not even kidding- the next morning I could feel my tongue. I attribute it to this amazing ice cream. 
We rented this adorable, 3 bedroom East Nashville house (we had the unit on the right). It was so nice to have a nice kitchen and room to spread out and chill. 
The only bad thing about this weekend was the backyard of above house. See the fence? See that moving train RIGHT behind it? 5 moms away from their kids and hoping to sleep well? NOT happening. 

I had strict orders from my husband to take it easy and rest (and he let my friends know too), and that's really what this weekend was. Nothing crazy....just totally enjoying being around some of my favorite people. Now, when and where is the next SFGG??

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