Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Day

The kids were released early on Friday from school in anticipation of snow that evening. We watched big, beautiful snowflakes fall that night. 
Unfortunately, it turned into sleet so when we woke up it was icy snow. That doesn't matter to the kids! There was still plenty to play in! Adelyn made these snow rulers in Kindergarten and couldn't wait to measure how much we got. The yard showed 2" but the deck only showed 1". 

We "braved" the streets (they weren't that bad) and went to Waffle House for breakfast. This probably counteracted my BeachBody workout I did earlier that morning. Oh well!

First, we went to the middle school and sled down the "biggest" hill near our house 

 This purple sled may be on its last leg after today!
James attempted the board. It's hard!
Then we played in our yard. James got on his 4 wheeler
Adelyn had a snow tea party
My girl!
Seth got his parents' gator and we pulled the kids behind. Adelyn could do this all.day.long. 

Here's James being pulled: 
Here goes Seth!

After this, we went inside for hot chocolate and movie. 

Then we were back at it for round 2!
Adelyn with the "neighbors"
Bert and his kids joined us
Then we went to the Durand's for dinner. Bert grilled pheasant and quail. Yum!

The kids ended being out Monday too. Not a bad snow weekend!

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