Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 5

Adelyn was one month old on Monday, June 11. We said from the beginning that she'd move to her nursery at that point. She has done great! I felt like she was so much older sleeping in her own room. I wasn't ready, even though she was. We have an Angelcare monitor that detects if she stops breathing and a video monitor so we can see her every move. It's really like she's still in the room with us! :)
Eveything is good....we're just getting into routine and watching her grow! Adelyn is staying awake more during the day. She loves to play on her tummy time mat, have someone talk/sing to her, or focus on different objects (usually a light or fan). She is such a sweet baby!

Adelyn's first night in her crib. We swaddle her at night.

She looks so little in her crib! (I can't get this picture to rotate)

Here's how she sleeps during the day in her crib. This child LOVES to stretch out!

Neel brought us chicken casserole!

Kyla brought Chic-fil-A for lunch

My parents came in town for the weekend. They were so happy to see her again!

Mom and I took long walks in the mornings

Seth and I went out to dinner and they stayed with her. It was lovely to have a night out just the two of us!

Mom gave Adelyn a bottle before we left

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