Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Week 6

Adelyn had a big week! She went for her one month check-up and weighed 11 pounds 5 ounces (87th percentile for weight). She is 23 inches long (91st percentile) and her head is 15 inches (60th her 2 week check-up her head circumference was only in the 11th percentile). Adelyn went on her first road trip to my parents' house in Tega Cay, SC. She also ventured up to Hickory, NC and met my grandmother. Seth celebrated his very first Father's Day. I feel so lucky to have a wonderful husband. He is such a great father to Adelyn. She just watches him and loves it when he talks to her. We had Adelyn dedicated at Oak Grove Baptist Church on Father's Day. It was the first time Adelyn had been to church, so we (well, Seth) introduced her to the congregation. Adelyn is starting to smile and hold it for a few seconds. It melts our hearts! Seth gets close to her face and sticks out his tongue or opens his mouth. She'll mimic him. He's already teaching her silly things! :)

Linda, Amanda, and Deanne came over for lunch with their kids. It was a fun afternoon with a house full of kids! (Deanne also has 2 kids that aren't in the picture)

Carolyn and Kaitlyn

My grandmother holding Adelyn for the first time

Four generations

She couldn't believe how long she is. She also couldn't believe my mom was a grandmother.

Betty and Jerry

Mom with Adelyn

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Seth and Adelyn ready for a nap

This is my Christening dress. Adelyn wore it to church for the Baby Dedication

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