Wednesday, September 22, 2010

16 months old

Happy Fall, y'all! Adelyn is, of course, growing up too fast. She's talking a lot and follows simple directions. She loves to do "grown up" things like push her baby in the stroller and feed her, sweep, give Riley and Peri food/treats, and try to take her own clothes off and on. Adelyn has started going to playschool once aweek. It's from 9-1, so she eats lunch there. Sometimes she takes a nap there and sometimes she does not. I guess she likes it! I'd love to be a fly on the wall and observe how she acts around the other toddlers. She also started going to Mom/Pop n Tot gymnastics. It's 30 minutes once a week. She absolutely LOVES that! She is wired afterwards. At home, all she wants to do is read books! I love it! She's very into Elmo! I'm not quite sure how this happened, seeing as she has rarely watched Sesame Street. She does have several Elmo books and loves to read them (over and over and over and over). I met a friend and her little boy at Learning Express to see Elmo. She was so excited when she spotted him. She immediately started saying "Elmo!" and waving, but as soon as she got close she'd run back to me! She didn'tcry, but certainly did not want to be super close to him! We'll see how visits with Santa go at Christmas!
We have been on a couple of trips. We went to Tega Cay and Hickory to visit my family and Seth and I went to Salt Lake City for his last race of the season. My parents kept Adelyn at my house. Seth was leading the points for the championship (a 19 point lead). It's a long series of events that can be referred to as "The Perfect Storm" and I won't go into all of the details. The short version is the car's differential broke at the beginning of the race. It took 30 minutes to get the car back out on the track (which is amazing to get done that quickly!). At the end of the race they were tied in points with the #74 Honda. Officials had to go to the 3rd tiebreaker to determine the champion. Seth and Bill ended the season finishing 2nd in points. This is still an awesome feat considering this was Bimmerworld's first season in this series and Bill's rookie year (and he got Rookie of the Year!).


Coloring with her new crayons
Our little gymnast
Sweeping the front porch
Seth was washing cars. Adelyn loved being outside with him and learning how to drink from the hose!
Playing in the rain (or "wain", as she says)
Play at the Park (Central Park)- the petting zoo

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