Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adventures in parenting....

I have to share a funny/scary story. Today, I took Adelyn to the gym with me and then stopped by the outlet mall to run two quick errands. I was returning something and Adelyn was all over the place. She's pulling shoes off the display, running away from me (saying "slide!" because there is a slide a few stores down), etc.- basically doing anything but standing by my side patiently. I gave her my car keys, and that entertained her for the remainder of the transaction. We walked out to the car and she's still playing with my keys. I unlock the back door and put her in the car seat. She's still playing with my keys. I gave her another toy and tossed my keys over the headrest and into the front seat. As soon as I closed her door, I noticed that the doors are locked. All of them. I peer into the window and there in the driver's seat is my purse, cell phone, and keys. Adelyn is in her car seat smiling away. I'm not sure when she pushed the lock button, but it happened! Yes, I am THAT mom now! I ran into the Timberland store and asked if I could use their phone (I'm sure I looked like a maniac!). I called Seth, asked him to run by our house to get the spare key, and come unlock the car. He rescued us in about 20 minutes! I'm so glad this turned out as good as it did. Note to self: NEVER give your child your keys! Too bad OnStar is not available for my car... I seriously think I would have been their next commercial.
Things I'm thankful for:
1. It's not July
2. Seth works nearby and can leave on a whim
3. Seth is understanding
4. We actually had a spare key and were quickly able to locate it
5. Adelyn didn't have a clue what happened

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Mallard Cove Mommy said...

Oh my! I know you were a mess. That's one of those mom moments you'll look back on and laugh about one day:)