Friday, October 29, 2010

17 months old

I wish I could say that 17 months old has been all fun and games! I hate to start out with the negative, but this is a very trying age! I feel like we're going through the terrible twos. Adelyn wants to do everything on her own. That coupled with the fact that she can't say everything she wants and needs to is NOT GOOD on some days! She will throw some temper tantrums!! We've had one that lasted 45 minutes a few weeks back. Most of the time, they don't last long. Seth and I totally ignore her. I walk away (praying she won't hit her head too hard as she flails on the ground). They're not daily and they're getting shorter, so that's good. We're also transitioning from two naps to one nap. Half the time she only needs the one afternoon nap.
She is doing a lot of really great things! She's talking a lot. She surprises me with all of her vocabulary. She's trying to jump. She'll say "bump, bump!". Her feet don't leave the ground, but she doesn't know that. She loves to twirl in circles and get dizzy. Adelyn does not want us to feed her. This can be messy, but it's not too bad. She is also trying to dress herself. Miss Independent! :) 
Adelyn is on a baby doll kick. She has an American Girl Itty Bitty doll that comes everywhere with us. She gives her a bottle, burps her, and hugs her tight all day long. If it's not the doll, it's a request for Elmo.  
As far as traveling, Seth and I went on a cruise with Mel, Laura, Ryan, and Jennifer. It was a 5 night cruise that left from Miami and went to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay (Carnival's island), and Nassau. Seth's parents kept Adelyn for half of the week and my mom and her friend kept her the last half. I think Adelyn had fun! She loves being at Seth's parents house and playing with Emily and Thomas. My mom took her to the zoo. She loved seeing the animals. We had a blast! It was wonderful to get a way and not have to cook or clean! We basically dined and layed out! We didn't get to go to Half Moon Cay due to rough waters, but it really didn't impact the fun we had! After the cruise, we flew from Miami to Charlotte for Seth's year end ceremony (Grand Am). It was held at the Nascar Hall of Fame. It was awesome to see Seth and his teammate recognized for finishing 2nd. I was SO ready to come home. We were gone for an entire week! We sure did miss Adelyn!
Gorgeous sunset from our balcony....we loved our room!

Seth and I at Grand Turk. This was a perfect day! The water and sky were the pretties blues!

Adelyn "painting" with pudding. She didn't once try to eat it! She had a ball! 
Gymastics- all the kids wore their costumes. They're playing Limbo! 

 Kinsey Family Farm

Adelyn and Amelie

Carving our pumpkin- first thing she wanted to do was eat it! 
 No fear in putting in her hand into the goop!

 First hair cut!! I took her to Sweet and Sassy Oct. 6. Bye, bye mullet! (and pigtails until it grows back out)
New do

Trunk or Treat at Oak Grove (Emily, Thomas, and Adelyn)

Thomas and Adelyn getting treats from Pastor Garry
 Checking out her loot
 First CapriSun! 

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