Sunday, May 15, 2011


  We had a busy, but fun Easter this year. We went to my parents' house. Their church had an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning. The Easter bunny was there and they had kids' activities (arts and crafts, the Easter story, dancing, and food). I about died when Adelyn ran up and hugged the Easter Bunny TWICE! Santa, there's hope for you yet! After an Easter Egg hunt at my parents' Sunday morning, we went to Hickory to see my mom's family at my grandmother's nursing home. My aunt had an Easter Egg hunt planned. I think the little cousin's enjoyed that (there's not that much to do at a nursing home!). From there, we drove to Dawsonville for Easter at Seth's Papa's house. We had another Easter Egg hunt followed by dinner. As you can see, Adelyn got a lot of egg hunting experience (plus she had one at school AND our church was was the following weekend)! :)
  Another thing we added to this jam packed weekend was loading up my old bedroom furniture and hauling it to our house. We're getting Adelyn's big girl room ready. The nursery is on the main level (right down the hall from us) and Adelyn's room will be upstairs. I'm not looking forward to moving her so far away! Now that her room is set up, she keeps talking about her big girl bed and loves to go in there and play. 

Easter Bunny hug!

What did the Easter bunny bring? 

Finding eggs at my parents' 

Four Generations (Grandmommie is 96 and Adelyn is 23 months)

Easter Egg Hunt at Papa's
Oak Grove Easter Egg Hunt

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