Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 months

    I can't believe James is 5 months old now (11/22)! He is changing daily. He is finally rolling over (front to back)...BUT he ONLY does it when we're not looking. I think he knew I wanted him to do it, so he only does it privately. He went through a spell for about a week where he'd roll every night around 3:30/4 a.m. I still have not seen him actually do it. Seth or I will walk away and come back and he's on his back. Sneaky little guy. He's also starting to use his hands! He realized that his arms and hands are his and he can hold things! He always wants to grab my nose or have me "eat" his hands. It's so cute to watch him smile with delight as we play! I know every baby has a cute grin, but James's grin is just the absolute sweetest. He's trying to sit up (early tripod) and always wants to stand with support. The other "fun and new" thing he's doing is motorboat (you know, making the pppbbbtttt sound?). Seth and I do it to him all the time. I know in a few months we'll be telling him, "NO!" when he does it, but for now it's communication! :) James seems to be pretty laid back, although here lately he hasn't wanted other people give him a bottle (sitter, grandparents). Hopefully that will pass! 
    Halloween was great for Adelyn this year. She was a pumpkin fairy and James was a pumpkin. Seth's cousin made Adelyn's outfit and did an incredible job (check out her store- ). She had her parade at school with a feast in her classroom afterwards. A few days later, we went to Trunk or Treat at our church. We actually didn't do anything on the actual Halloween Day. James, Adelyn, and I went to Highlands to help Seth's mom get ready for the upcoming wedding. Seth's cousin, Blake, got married the following weekend. Adelyn and Emily were flower girls. The rehearsal was Saturday and Adelyn would not do anything without me by her side (side note, she still says "Mama, hold you" and I think it's adorable). We had lots of pep talks on Sunday and we put fruit chews in the girls' basket beneath the petals. On the wedding day, Adelyn walked down the aisle and stood at the front the entire time! The fruit chews were perfect- they stood there quietly and ate their "prizes". Adelyn did turn around to the maid of honor and said "I'm a flower girl!" pretty loudly. Adelyn, Emily, and Thomas spent the ENTIRE reception dancing their tails off. They were hilarious! Adelyn barely ate dinner and I literally had to drag her off the dance floor to use the bathroom. She loved twirling in her flower girl dress! Adelyn has started gymnastics. This is no longer Mom and Tot. Now I sit on the bench and watch. I about cried the first session because she looked so big out there following directions in her leotard without a diaper. She is getting too big too fast.
    Life is good in the Thomas household. We are loving watching our children grow.....just wish they'd slow down a bit!

In Birmingham for Amy's baby sprinkle (Lea V was born November  14)

Adelyn and James with the carved pumpkin

Adelyn holding Mrs. Cindy's hand at her school parade

Class party....Adelyn really enjoyed the Rice Krispie treats!

Adelyn and James at Trunk or Treat 


I wish I could eat more than just my right hand!

Ricky and Lynn have AWESOME Halloween decorations....this is Lynn's bubble fog machine. Adelyn used her wand to pop the bubbles

Flower girls and ring bearer (Blake's wedding at The Farmhouse in Highlands, NC)

Dancing Machines tearing up the floor

Adelyn's class dressed as turkeys at the CFUMC Preschool Thanksgiving program

Thanksgiving lunch at school

Love how babies sleep anywhere and any how

James LOVES his thumb! I put socks up to his elbows at night so he won't suck on it!

Dean and James 

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