Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, more month until my baby turns 1!

     This has been a busy month- Seth has been out of town a lot and all of the year end and birthday parties have kept us on the go! We went to Spartanburg to celebrate my friend Laura's daughter's (Janie) 3rd birthday. This was a nice get-away, as Seth had been out of town 3 weekends in a row. Janie's party was at a really neat park and pizza restaurant. Mel kept all the kids (after they went to sleep) and Laura and I got a girls' night out that involved dinner and dancing- so fun! Adelyn was a hot mess for several mornings- just crying and whining for no/any reason. It was strange. I have started a "no whining/crying" behavior chart for her and have seen a difference. If she stops the nonsense, she gets a smiley face. Ten smiley faces gets a reward. They keep you on your toes, right? 

     James is still the biggest sweetie. He sleeps well (still two 2-hour naps and sleeps at night from about 7:30 pm-7 am), eats well, and has a happy demeanor. He's really cruising, and now he can walk with the walker (or anything with wheels that he can hold on to). We had a friend over a few weeks back and she called him a 4-wheeler because he will literally find a way to crawl over anything. He can even climb up a slide! He is finally doing the sign for "more" and we're close to doing "all done". But, he still does not really clap! James is starting to like books. He'll sit in my lap, listening and it! Poor little guy...still fighting sickness. We're currently on our fourth round of antibiotics for an ear infection and he just had a 24 hour bug (that involved puking once for a sitter and a high fever). He is into EVERYTHING. I am constantly trying to get his hand out of the dog food and toilet. Wait...didn't I just say he keeps getting sick? Hmmmm. I wash his hands frequently, but he is exposed to more than Adelyn was at this age. When there's an older sibling, there's no staying home a lot and I'm sure Adelyn brings home germs. Maybe the summer will help him stay well.

     Adelyn is crazy as ever. She's SO into all the princess stuff. I really want to get her into some athletic activities. If she chooses what to do, it's dress up and pretend play. She likes to play Memory and I really encourage this because my memory is terrible. She has really improved riding her tricycle.

     They both love to play outside. My mom got Adelyn a kitchen to keep in her playhouse. James really enjoys splashing in the water table. They'll play in the backyard forever if you let them!

James's first taste of strawberry

Brody, Adelyn, and James at Warbington Farms

We went again with Seth a few weeks later. These strawberries are amazing!

James at Janie's birthday party

This park was so cool. Here is Adelyn in Noah's Ark with one of Janie's friends

4 Generations

Visiting my grandmother in Hickory (May 5th)

Mother's Day 2012

Open a cabinet and let James play while you cook....he'll be entertained for hours! 

Alex and Adelyn at their Gymnastics Jubilee 

Adelyn on the bars...she usually monkeys her legs up the slide to get her legs up

"Ta Da!!" for the audience

Posing afterwards with her medal

Adelyn's 2 year old preschool year end ceremony

Adelyn and James sat with Grandma while watching Thomas's class perform

End of School party- saying the blessing

Mrs. Cindy gave her a bug collection kit

Adelyn and Mrs. Lisa

James napping during the party

Adelyn's water hopscotch

Having a ball with the water table! He loves to throw the balls out over and over again!

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