Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday, Adelyn!

Adelyn's 3rd birthday was May 11th. However, we celebrated her birthday several times over the course of 10 days! Lucky girl!

It started with her school birthday party on May 9th. Since it was the end of the year and a short month, they had to combine hers and another friend's. She was excited to share the day with Creighton- and was even MORE excited to see who all came to her party! They had chips, cupcakes, and juice. 

Adelyn before her school birthday party
James got a little cupcake action

What a treat! Louise came to her party! Louise is the Rotary foreign exchange student from Denmark. We have spent great time with her this year. This was one of her final days in Cumming before returning home. Adelyn loves "Caweeze"!

Grandpa, James, Daddy, Adelyn, and Mommy at the school party

On her actual birthday, she awoke to balloons strung from her bathroom door in her room. She thought that was pretty cool. Then she got blueberry pancakes with a candle and got to open a few gifts before heading to school

Friday, May 11th was Muffins with Mom at school. Can I just say how SWEET this little Mother's day celebration was?? The kids sang a couple songs, Mrs. Cindy read a cute book, and then they gave us their presents. It was a cute bag with Adelyn's footprint on it (decorated like flip flops). Inside was a binder with art work from each month of the school year. Most of the art was made out of their hand or foot print so you can see how they've grown. Maybe it was because it was her 3rd birthday (and that seems to me like the end of the toddler/baby era), but I was holding back the tears. 

After nap, Adelyn got her first manicure and pedicure. She chose red for her fingernails and pink for her toes. All of this was covered in sparkling gold. She sat still for 30 minutes while it dried (AKA...I got my toes done).  She was SO excited!

And then we went to Kani House for hibachi grill dinner with Grandma and the Durands. Fun!

To top off the day, she got to spend the night with Grandma! Perfection in a 3 year old's eyes! The only "bad" thing about her day was Seth was out of town. He had a race in New Jersey. HOWEVER, Seth finished 2nd! Woo hoo!! 

The following weekend, my parents came in town for her birthday party. Friday night, we hung out on the deck and she opened her gifts from them. 

Adelyn and Nana (she's wearing her new leotard from Uncle Joe)
Her birthday party was Saturday (5/19) at Babyland General...where the Cabbage Patch Kids are "born". I have always wanted to go here because I loved CPK when I was little. I think this party was really for me. :)

James and Adelyn on the cabbage couch

Mae with the babies. The leaves moved and lights indicated when a baby is read to be born. 

Hunter, Jackie, and Griffin

Emily brought her CPK from home (see her Visitor tag)

Janie, Adelyn, and Mae on the doll display school bus
Laura and James

We witnessed a baby being born. You really just have to go and see how they do this. Let's just say the staff really gets into their roles. Adelyn got to name this baby- Sarah Adelyn

Heather, Charlie, Mike, and Sophie

Brenda, Martha, Lynn, and Melissa

She originally chose a Star Wars cake, but changed her mind last week to Princess. Seth was highly disappointed. 

Adelyn and Sarah (Have I mentioned she talks about this Sarah character ALL. THE. TIME? Her imaginary friend finally has a face). This was who she brought home. And of course, she had to have another outfit to change her into and it's a princess dress.

Mae and her doll

Aw, that's the CUTEST Cabbage Patch Doll in the store! Oh wait, that's James!

Love this age...they'll do the silliest poses

Emily named the next baby that was born...James Mahlon

Mel took this picture of's a framer for sure

Nana and Grandeddy with the kids

Sweet girls with their new babies

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