Monday, April 23, 2012

10 months old

   This has been a really fun month in terms of things "clicking" with James. He is crawling like a champ and has constant red/bruised knees from speeding from room to room. He is pulling up on everything and cruising a little. He is not fully clapping, but he'll do the "roll 'em up" part of pat-a-cake....which is funny to me because isn't that way harder than clapping? He is starting to do the sign for "more"...but only when he REALLY wants something. Like ice cream. He LOVES ice cream! He only gets it at Seth's grandfather's house on Sunday nights. It's just as much fun to watch him beg for it as it is for others to give it to him. He is pointing to things and loves to show you the lights and fan. You can ask him where books, Riley, and big sister are and he'll pretty much always point to them. The cutest thing he does right now is shake his head "no"- hilarious! James can also play peek-a-boo and gets really tickled each time you say, "Where's James?"
      Adelyn is very into her letters and numbers and I love it! She's recognizing what words start with and is trying so hard to write her letters and numbers. This is kind of a gross story (I hesitate posting it), but I think it's also funny. I was at a friend's house and Adelyn needed to use the bathroom. Five minutes later, she hollers, "Mama! My poo poo looks like an 'r'!". Sure enough, it did! She is really turning into such a big girl and I can't believe she'll be THREE next month. I have a great time with her and am enjoying her crazy imagination!
     Not too much to report on the home front. We had a sick household for a couple of weeks. The week after Adelyn, Seth, and I had the stomach bug, James had a raging temperature and ear infection. His fever got up to 104.4 at one point. It was scary! That was his first time being sick. Of course, Seth was out of town. He's been gone a lot lately and has been busy coaching and racing (Barber pictures below). I am ready for him to be home for consecutive days! My hats off to single moms- it's hard. I am incredibly lucky to have Seth's mom down the road. She has taken one or both kids several times for me so I can have a little break. 

Randy and Bella came for a visit. Unfortunately, a lot of their stay was when James was sick so we tried not to pass it along!

James sick....poor little thing!

Can you tell I have a big sister??

Thomas, Adelyn, and Emily at Circus Day

Riding Peanut the Pony with beloved Mrs. Cindy

Adelyn and Mae hiking at Hike for Hyde 

Adelyn's first face painting experience- she is looking up at Grandma (can you tell she LOVES her??)

I SWORE I wouldn't dress James in jon-jons and outfits like that....but here I am. I can't resist- I think he looks SO cute. Just until he's one, ok? 

One morning before school, Adelyn was in the driveway saying, "Daddy, I want to show you something!". Seth came out and low and behold....a hot air balloon landed in the pasture across the street! A mom and her kids took a hot air balloon ride for her daughter's birthday and this is where it landed! We were SO lucky!

The company let the kids crawl all over it to let the air out. The kids were all an hour late for school, but totally worth it! 

I took Adelyn to see the high school play "Pinkalicious" and "Alice in Wonderland". Each were an hour long and she loved it! Here she is with Alice!
If you ask Adelyn about "Alice in Wonderland", she'll only talk about the princesses that were at the Mad Hatter Tea Party (about  45 seconds of the play). We got all the way to the car and she said "We forgot to meet Belle!". So we went back inside, found Belle, and got this picture. You would have thought I bought her Disneyworld if you'd seen her face when Belle hugged her!  

Saw this on Pinterest but taped it to the door so James can fingerprint (with NO MESS- love it!). Mr. Destructable tore it down minutes later. Now I've got stronger tape and it's stayed up for over a day! 

Adelyn and Grandeddy at Barber (Seth's race in Birmingham)

Seth/Daddy is #1! And they were- Bimmerworld got the podium and 5th place (Seth and his teammate finished 5th!)

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