Thursday, October 25, 2012

16 months old

Man I love this age! James is so funny! He tries to repeat words, laughs a lot, and loves to make other people giggle. He loves to wrestle, especially with his 5 year old cousin Thomas. Thomas is really good to pretend wrestle with him (fake fall when James pushes him and gently throw him down). Those two have a blast together. He's learning so much each day! He can point to body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, hands, belly button, etc.). Some new words he says are "Ready?", "ride", "car", "gape" (grape), "ball", "bath", "sweep" (this child LOVES a broom or vacuum cleaner!), "shoe","bite", and "cracker". He can jog (I wouldn't call it a fast run) and tries to jump, which is really just bending his knees and moving his head, but he thinks he's up in the air! I love his easy going personality. 

We had a sad event happen recently. On September 24th, my grandmother passed away. She lived a wonderful life and was 97 when she passed away peacefully. She had been having a difficult time breathing and some heart issues. We all miss her- she was an amazing woman. The funeral was a simple graveside service and we ate lunch at my aunt's afterwards. The great-grandchildren all released balloons into the sky in honor of "Great Mommy" (that's what Adelyn calls her). Here's a video taken from my cousin's phone. 

On a happier note, we celebrated Seth's birthday on October 3rd. We met friends and family out at the German restaurant in town and had a great time! Happy birthday, love!

My mom, kids, and I after the funeral

Making Star Wars sugar cookies for Daddy's birthday
Annual trip to Kinsey Farms

Adelyn's newest pose- bunny ears for everyone! This is Conner, Seth's cousin's son, with Adelyn and James at Kinsey Pumpkin Farm

James was slightly obsessed with this tractor! He cared nothing about the pumpkins

James and Adelyn in their matching fall outfits before church. Seth is opposed to dressing them alike and says they look miserable. He's probably right- ha, ha!
Can you find Adelyn? They wore their costumes to gymnastics

There are about 20 turkeys that roam the pasture. Here are 5 perfectly perched on our fence. Isn't Thanksgiving around the corner?? They better watch their steps- haha!

We spent the night with friends in Dunwoody. Their two boys are both born within days of our two. Here are Henry and James playing cars together.
The next day we took the kids to Stone Mountain for the Pumpkin Festival. It was so much fun- great weather and lots of fun activities (ropes course and ziplining for kids, story telling, 4D movie, etc) for the children. Eli and Adelyn get along great!

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