Monday, December 3, 2012

17 months

 James turned 17 months on Thanksgiving Day. And what a blessing this silly, mischievous, sweet boy is! He is a mess- always into something! The other day, he had taken every single sandwich baggie out of the box within a matter of seconds. Those are fun to put back in. He's always breaking into the pantry and taking everything within reach off the shelves. He is saying so many words now and it's getting easier to understand what he wants (usually it's cracker, which basically means food, or tractor/car/ride). That's about all this child needs. Adelyn is enjoying ballet/tap and school. She is working on reading a lot- I am so proud when she strings those sounds together and reads a word! 

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We left our house early Thanksgiving morning and went to Hickory. We ate a wonderful lunch with my mom's side of the family. This was our first holiday without my grandmother, so it was great that everyone was there. The kids had so much fun playing outside afterwards. We spent the remainder of the weekend at my parents'. Seth and I saw Breaking Dawn 2 one night and had a sushi date night the next. My mom and I did some Black Friday shopping at Southpark, my favorite mall. My parents took us to Discovery Place in Charlotte on Saturday. I spent many days there as a child (even had sleepover there with the Girl Scouts), so it was really neat to take my children there. We all had a great time! When we got home, Seth's parents took Melissa, Emily, Adelyn and me to see Annie at the local theater. It was a well done performance (and it was fun to tease Adelyn that she was going home with Ms. Hannigan). Ha! She said, "I don't think that's a very good idea" in a super pouty voice.

Yum- dog food (STILL hasn't learned that you're not supposed to eat this!)
I was TRYING to get ready for the day. I put my eye make up on, looked down 2 minutes later, and here's what he'd gotten into
He loves to dip. Here is James dipping bread into Seth's hot sauce. 

Some friends at church gave us a bike their daughter outgrew. Here she is Day 1 (crying, as usual- she hates to ride a bike)
Maybe Daddy will make this seem more fun? 
A couple weeks later- no tears! Yay! She still doesn't love it, but she'll ride to the end of the driveway and back without TOO much of a fuss. This is not my athletic child!

Amy and her kids came for lunch one day on their drive home to Birmingham. The kids all played with pacis!
Adelyn has started ballet and tap. She loves tapping, but is having a hard time with "first permission"
James in his warm up suit and Air Jordans- when is it time to shoot some hoops? 
Adelyn loves to stick her head out of the sun roof. This is reason #983 that I love Fast Lane! 
Adelyn at her classsmate's ballet princess party. It was precious!

Adelyn's Thanksgiving performance at CFUMC. She's the Indian in the middle fist pumping

Thanksgiving Feast- you know...chicken nuggets, green beans, and candy corn
No school Thanksgiving week, so we met the Pombo's at Catch Air! Side note:  a few weeks later, Adelyn was looking at pictures on my phone and she saw Eli's. She said, "There's that cutie pootie Eli!".  
My cousin's husband pulled the kids around on this crate/wagon thing on Thanksgiving. They loved it, but I'm sure Carson was beat! I'm so glad they all got to play outside for so long.
Adelyn and Nana
James got to ride the gator with Noah
Future Scientist at The Discovery Place

Learning about levers and pulleys
Water table play!
James did this bridge with steps over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!

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