Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Festivities

Halloween was so fun this year! Adelyn went trick or treating for the first time and James was not a newborn. Below is our timeline of events...

My parents came in town the weekend before Halloween. Nana got the seeds out. Adelyn was really not very interested in this process. Last year she loved it. Go figure!

James eating pulp. Yum. 

Carving our happy pumpkin. The adults wanted to name it Demon (pronounced DeMon). 

How cute is he? 

Didn't want you to think we were actually having fun! Adelyn was pretty cranky this morning.

But she can turn on the charm in an instant!
My parents kept the kids while we went to friends' Halloween party Friday night. Meet Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker (and the Cabbage Patch Kid on Seth's back is in James's Yoda costume)

Saturday afternoon we went to the Fall Festival at Adelyn's school. It was really cute- kids wore their costumes, they went on a hay ride, did some crafts, and ate s'mores.  

Sunday was Trunk or Treat at our church. Here are all the kids in costume. 

Yoda and Princess Leia (notice James carried his tractor the entire time)

Some people go all out! :)

Hay Ride with Aunt Missa, Thomas,  and Doc Mae Stuffins

And it's just not a party without face painting!

Wednesday morning (Halloween) was Adelyn's school parade and Halloween party

Adelyn's cute little class and classroom

This was adorable to me- look how intently Adelyn is saying the blessing. This girl means serious business when it comes to eating, especially party food! She's always the last one done. She is VERY thankful for the food. 
Halloween Night- getting ready to go to the McDonoughs for dinner. My friend Kyla got Chef Kern's. We ate an early, yummy dinner and trick or treated in her neighborhood. Again, please note the tractor in James's hand. This child sleeps with it! 

Bryce (1 year old)- sweetest Dalmation

We totally should've worn our costumes too!

Wagon ride!

Adelyn and Cullen

Despite this being her first time, she was a pro! 

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