Thursday, May 2, 2013

You know you almost have a 4 year old when...

Adelyn has been acting so mature today! It's really hitting me that she is  growing up too fast. She'll be 4 in just nine days. 

Evidence #1: She wrote "Happy Birthday Grandma". No complaints and it didn't take her long at all. 

Evidence #2: We're almost to ballet when I realize that I FORGOT her ballet bag! Hello? I have her dressed in her leotard and tights but forget her shoes? I told her and she calmly informed me that she got it and it's in the floorboard. She thought of that all on her own. 

Evidence #3: She has made her bed for the past two days (and this is not something I've asked her to do). This morning we created a chore chart so she can earn money. 

I love this behavior, but it does make me sad to realize how fast time is passing. 

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