Monday, April 22, 2013

Racin' in the Southeast

It's been SO nice that the last two races have been in Birmingham and Atlanta. 

Barber (April 6th) 
One of my dearest friends from college, Amy, lives in Birmingham. For the past couple years, we've crashed at her house race weekend. Her children are both 5 months younger than mine, so it's perfect- we all get to play together! One night we ate at Little Donkey (Mexican) and then headed next door to Steele City Pops for dessert. James, Lea, Adelyn, and CeCe loved it (although James didn't get holding it with a napkin so your hands don't freeze!)

New shirts for the track! Michelle at E is for Embroidery does a fabulous job! If only they'd both look and smile....

We watched the race on a hill and the kids had a blast! I only pack these headphones to look like a good kids wear them for all of 30 seconds. 

Riding the tram around the track- fun! 

Lea ate a blue marker. He was only crying because Amy took it away from him! HILARIOUS!!!

Seth and Dan finished 8th. They ended this race being THIRD in points! :)

Road Atlanta (April 20th)

Road Atlanta has not been on the Grand Am circuit in the past, so we were excited to have it this year! Seth knows this track very well and it's always fun when it's so easy for family and friends to come out and cheer for Bimmerworld! 
I saw Reba McEntire on the Fan Walk (her son races too). I HAD to get my picture taken with her. My family has always called me Reba and James and Reba have matching hair. She was nice as could be. 

Seth and I with Crystal and Dan Rogers (Dan and Seth are co-drivers). We had SUCH a great time with them. They stayed at our house for the race weekend. 

Heather and Trevor  

Happy 7th birthday, Emily! She had a mini celebration with cookie cake

Dada's car
My parents came too! :) They stayed at our house, so Adelyn got to sleep in a mini tent in our bedroom. She was SO excited. 
Seth's car after the race....looks like the windshield got a tad dirty!

Unfortunately, when Seth was driving another driver hit him causing rear strut damage. They ended up finishing 22nd and got knocked back to 7th in points. Next race is Mid Ohio and I'm sure the 82 car will kick some tail! 

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