Sunday, April 21, 2013

22 Months

   I find myself looking at James and thinking, "He's a little boy!". He is growing up TOO fast. He's starting to try and sing his ABCs and other songs (Rain, Rain Go Away seems to be the favorite). He's learning shapes and sometimes he'll identify red, green, and blue. He is talking more and more...although, it's mostly about TRACTORS!! This kid is seriously obsessed with tractors. He talks about them from the moment he wakes up and it's the last thing he says when he goes to sleep at night. Seriously. I wish they came in more colors so we would at least learn something useful :). James has learned to jump (and almost using both feet). It's so cute to watch him because he uses every single muscle and part on his body. I definitely think he'll be my more athletic child. He's still so skinny. I laugh when he wears shorts because his legs look like pinkie fingers sticking out. We're seeing some of that "red headed temper". When he doesn't get his way, he squeals angrily. It sounds like fingers on a chalkboard. He's my little wild man and I love him so!

   Adelyn is my little drama queen- always singing and making up stories. She loves to pretend! Often when she wakes up in the morning, she can't come downstairs and eat until she's fed her children and put them down for naps. Her birthday is about a month away and she is very excited. I had to make her a chain. Each morning, we take a link off to count down the days until May 11th. I'm proud of her reading- getting a little better each time!

Proof of the tractor addiction: We have his John Deere for Kids documentary on the iPad and I had just put it in my backpack. He moved the tower several feet (and it's heavy!) and climbed onto the counter. He'll go to great lengths to see a tractor!
Running on Fast Lane: One day, we were leaving my mother in law's house. Adelyn asked if she could race the car. I said sure, thinking she'd run for 30 seconds and quit (Adelyn is usually not into any activity that requires effort!). She ran all the way to our house, which is probably a half mile away!! I guess she's been hearing me talk about my running?

This was a great investment! Here the kids have collected sticks and are driving them to the fence so we can throw them in the pasture.

Sweet kiddos at Mae's 4th birthday party. It looks like Dean and James are plotting something.

I spent an entire Saturday doing yardwork and planting flowers. James was out with me for a couple hours. He loves being outside! And getting dirty! :)

This occupied him for quite a while! Water + dish soap + whisk + measuring cup = I can cook supper
Adelyn's spring break was the week after Easter. I met my mom and her wonderful friend Wendy in Brevard, NC. We spent two nights there. That is a cute little mountain town! We went shopping, played outside, and ate yummy food. My mom and Adelyn added sticks to this fort (it was already started). Actually, we had to rename it Fairy Hut because Ms. Prisspot said forts are for boys.
Gelato on the Brevard campus (where my brother went to college)
Janie and Adelyn wore princess costumes to see Beauty and the Beast (at the high school down the road). The play was well done, only $7, and we had front row seats! It lasted until almost 10 pm though!
They were adorable after the show- so excited to meet the characters. I think Adelyn even curtsied for Belle.
I love Adelyn's preschool! They do the neatest things for the students. Every year they have Circus Day. There are tons of activity booths, a jump house, food, and pony rides. Most kids come in costume. Adelyn chose Dorothy....not sure why!

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