Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Road America

Seth's race was at Road America last weekend, which is in Elkhart Lake, WI. We stayed in Sheboygan (a fun word to say aloud). The area we stay in has condos, a hotel, restaurants, a few shops, and a HUGE indoor waterpark all within walking distance and all overlooking Lake Michigan. The whole family went- Seth's parents, us, and his sister's family. Of course, we went to the waterpark everyday. 

Seth and Dan finished 8th. Seth ran an awesome race- was 3rd and 4th for the bulk of his stint, but had to stop for splashes of gas. The other cars finished 1st (#81) and 3rd (# 80), so it was really a great race for Bimmerworld! Seth and Dan are 4th in points. 

James loves going to the race track and spending time with Daddy
Observing the crew getting the cars ready. I love how he always stands like this when he's checking things out. 

We went to a cheese factory. Adelyn is a Race Girl cheese-head! I think I ate my weight in cheese and ice cream this trip. 

They had the world's BEST ice cream there. The kids chose Superman ice cream (blue being the primary color). I'm pretty sure James got it on every square inch of his face. He insists on a cone. Stinker. 

We passed a place that sells tractors and pulled in so James could get his fix. He was all about the big, blue tractor!

This is the biggest tractor I've ever seen! They climbed on it like it was a playground

Just so you know how big it was! 
I went on a short run one morning. Isn't this pier view gorgeous? Lake Michigan blows my mind- it looks like an ocean

Race Day with my kiddos!

Cousins walking to the paddock

An overview of the waterpark....the kids spent most of their time going down these slides. You had to be in an innertube and 1/2 of it was pitch black! James went down a couple times with me, but wasn't a huge fan of the large slides. 

This reminds me of that show Wipeout

James and Daddy on the kiddie slide. James would go down solo as long as someone would catch him at the bottom. 
These slides were what I call the "medium level"

It's nice when a race weekend incorporates so much fun family time! 

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