Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trip home

Seth had a race at Indy this past week. I was originally going to go and leave the kids at my parents'. It was getting so complicated with picking them back up (my parents live 4 hours away) and I hadn't been home in MONTHS. Sometimes, you just want to go home! I got to spend Monday through Friday in Tega Cay. It's been so long since I've been home for that length of time. 

Seth had an awesome race at Indy! He and Dan finished 3rd!! A podium finish at Indy has made my hubby a very happy man! I guess we're not his good luck charms after all. :) So proud of Seth and Dan!

Adelyn, Saige, and Nose Picker are ready for the ride to Tega Cay
On Wednesday, we went to The Nature Museum in Charlotte. It was perfect for their ages! They had animals native to NC, a butterfly garden, and outdoor play areas.
The Cutest Bug!

Adelyn helping James be a bug too

James playing near the pond

In the fairy garden

My sweet Mom and me

Every night, James wanted to sleep in the twin bed. After he went to sleep, we snuck him in the crib so Adelyn could sleep in her bed. He definitely wants to be a big boy and not sleep in a crib anymore!

This shirt cracks me up! It's mine from the 80s....two unicorns, hearts, pinks and purples....Adelyn LOVES it

 We went to the Baxter YMCA pool Tuesday morning and Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Think the kids liked it? 
James has not been a fan of swimming all summer....until this week! He was jumping in, blowing bubbles, splashing, and kicking! He finally figured out that pool is FUN. Before, he was literally trembling with fear. 

Kids have to pass a swim test to go down these slides. Adelyn "swam" (more doggie paddle than strokes) the short length of the pool to get her wristband. She must have gone down these slides 974 times. She even got my mom to go down with her. I did it several times too- I have to admit, it's pretty fun! 

James and Adelyn went down the kiddie slide together. 
Unfortunately, my dad was out of town until Thursday. But he did get some snuggle time in with Adelyn. She wants to read the Bible all the time. And she wants to read it from beginning to end. We recently bought her a children's bible and that's what we read every night. I love that she loves Jesus so much and wants to learn all about Him. I hope and pray I do the right thing for her. I think my Dad is probably reading the Easter story to her here. That's the one she always wants.


And here we are back home. Seth converted the crib to a toddler bed on Saturday and James was oh so excited to sleep with his new vehicles sheets and bedspread. He's pointing to everything saying, "Dump truck! Car!"

My little big boy is sound asleep. The next morning, the first thing he said was, "I yike my big boy bed"

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