Friday, July 19, 2013

Montana summer trip (7/5-7/13)

We usually go to Montana twice per year, a summer trip and a winter trip. Summer is my favorite time to go! The weather is pleasant and you're able to enjoy God's glory up close. It's a beautiful place to be with your family! This year, we had a fun crew- Seth's parents, his sister and her children, and Seth's aunt and uncle (Ricky and Lynn). 
We hiked down to the river from the house the first day. James hiked almost all the way down! The kids loved throwing rocks into the river. 

East Glacier Park Lodge... I just loved the gorgeous flowers out front! 

Picturesque view of the still Lake Mary

We all went on a hike to St. Mary's Falls. The water was a beautiful turqouise

We hiked on to Virginia Falls (even larger waterfall). We hiked a total of 3.5 miles. I was proud of Adelyn for hiking so far- this was definitely her longest hike! 

The kids became Junior Park Rangers. The "swearing-in ceremony" is adorable. Now they're junior park rangers for Glacier and Yellowstone!

Proudly sporting their badges and "I'm a hiker" stickers

Yes, there's still some snow on top of the mountains! Here are the Big Horn Sheep at Logan's Pass

Glacier National Park landscape 
One afternoon, Seth and I took Adelyn whitewater rafting (along with Melissa, Emily, and Thomas). We did the "scenic tour", so it was perfectly safe for a 4 year old. Our adventure started out sunny and hot and the kids all dipped in the COLD Flathead River. It quickly turned chilly and rainy (kids were kinda regretting that little swim; thank goodness they didn't get there hair wet). I have always joked about Adelyn's napping skills- the girl can nap anywhere. This took the cake! Adelyn leaned back in my lap and fell asleep- on a raft, in the pelting rain, wearing a life jacket. A school bus met us at a pick up point. Seth lifted Adelyn out of the raft and carried her to the seat. She continued napping on the bus ride back to the rafting center. It was crazy!! 

July 9th was our eighth wedding anniversary! Seth and I had dinner at the Belton Chalet. It was delicious! We enjoyed our outdoor table. It was fun chatting with the other diners and hearing where they're from and what they have been doing while in Montana. One couple was also celebrating their anniversary (48th). I love you, Seth! Here's to 80 more! 

We saw several deer on our drive to Pole Bridge

Pole Bridge is a town, I guess? It has a few houses, a bakery, and a bar/restaurant. The entire town is run off a generator.  It's in the middle of NOWHERE but has the world's best pastries! Their macaroons are to die for. We got some tasty breads, huckleberry bearclaws, and of course the macaroons. The kids had fun playing on this train playgound contraption. 

There's also a little stage that kids couldn't help but perform on. They're so funny! Emily and Adelyn together can be quite the drama queens :)

Brenda picked up matching pajamas for these goofy kids.

Seth never buys anything for himself (clothes-wise). One day we were in town and he decided to buy some cowboy boots. Wha-what?? But he looks H-O-T in them! James loves to put them on...."these boots were made for walkin'...."
We spent many afternoons playing in the yard. We found some squirt guns and the kids enjoyed squirting each other

We took a trip to the Izaak Walton to see the trains! You can stand on this bridge and watch the long freight trains travel through. 

Love this beautiful wagon flower display at the I.W

We went to Eddie's Ice Cream at least 3 times. What a treat!

The only annoying thing about this trip was how early the kids (especially James) woke up. They eventually started "sleeping in" until 6 or 7, but the time change threw them off. Just prior to leaving GA, James learned (actually Adelyn taught him) how to climb out of the crib. So every morning, James is in our face ready to GO! He'd even go to the bedroom door and say, "Adios!!". Here's a little video of his first time climbing out:

This was another memorable trip! I love experiencing Montana's beauty with our kids. We had so much fun together!

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