Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zoo Atlanta (and a nice visit from Nana)

My mom came in town Wednesday through Sunday- a nice, long visit! A while back, there was a Groupon for Zoo Atlanta and I bought it. On Thursday my mom, the kids, and I met my friend Amelia and her baby there. We got there right when it opened and had a great time! The animals were mostly out and about (not sweltering in the heat). 
Rather than feeding goats in the petting zoo, children brushed them. 

lazy kangaroo

My 'roos

Apparently, pandas were Adelyn's favorite animal.  Adelyn chose a stuffed panda bear from the gift shop. After the zoo, we went to my cousin' s house and she left her new panda there. Can you say meltdown? Luckily, we've since  got the panda back and we're good to go. 

My favorite to watch were the gorillas. There were a ton of them! One beat his chest so loud that it startled the snot out of everyone!

Beautiful Melina (3 months old)
Posing with Mr. Gorilla

Amelia and Melina

Nana and Adelyn with the giraffe

Poor James got bit by some bug. I thought the trip was over with the way he responded! My mom bought them a frozen lemonade that totally allowed us to finish the visit. (that and the nice lady that gave us some ointment from her diaper bag). 

Dirty elephants

The rest of my mom's visit was so nice! We went swimming, walking, and just played with the kids. My mom was sweet and kept the kids for me Friday and Saturday night while I attended wedding festivities. Loved having her in town for so long! She retired last month, so hopefully this will happen more often! :) 

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