Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yard Improvements

Ok, so we have had this MAJOR eyesore in our yard. At the base of our driveway is a hill that we had mulched in when we moved in four years ago. The landscaping company added some easy plants (a vine looking ground cover, hydrangeas, and gardenias) and I planted lantana and verbena. Over time, the verbena grew like no other plant you've ever witnessed. It was THICK and spread like wild fire. In the winter, it was plain ugly. Over the past four years, it has just gotten worse and worse. Basically, the ground cover and verbena married and were a nightmare couple. 
This picture is from about three years ago- here's the verbena and lantana when they were somewhat pretty

This is the side yard a couple days ago. We knew we were getting this work done, so to make it even uglier we just let it go. It was basically 100% weeds. The window shown is our eating area in the kitchen. It was awful to look out that window at this weed infested view. :(
Vines Gardening came Wednesday and tore it all up! Yay! This was already a vast improvement (they kept the gardenias and hydrangeas)

By Thursday afternoon, they had new plants laid out and half of the stair way set. 

The stairs level off towards the top. They also put in three boulders.  
Finished! This is from the base of the driveway

New plants! I am so very anti-ground cover now. NEVER again! 

The kids have always ran through the mulch/plants to get to the garage from the playground. Now they have these great stone steps. And this is less area for me to have to de-weed! We are happy, happy, happy with this set up! We should've done it this way when we built the house. You can't really see them in the picture, but Seth added some Dekor LED landscaping lights. He literally did it in an easy and adds even more beauty to this project! Here's the link if you want to enhance your exterior:

Now I want to add a stone bench and eventually some more annuals. I just love looking out our kitchen window now! Thanks, Vines Gardening! We highly recommend Todd and his crew.

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