Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stone Mountain

This past Saturday, we had a free day (*GASP*). We had no plans or obligations, so we packed the kids up and headed down to Stone Mountain. We have season passes that expire in October. It wasn't too hot or crowded, surprisingly. 

The first thing we did was the kids' ropes course. 
As you can see, James was a little hesitant, but once Adelyn yanked him across the net he was good to go. 

Adelyn on the tight rope. 
Wheeeeee! Zip line!

Geyser Tower- this contraption had water squirting out of every nook and cranny as you climbed up and through the nets. James wasn't a huge fan of it (we made him go through with us) but Adelyn went barreling through it. It was pretty fun!

Next we had a picnic lunch in front of the Confederate leaders

After that we went on the train ride. One can often find James just chillin' and gold diggin'

He's always wiping off my kisses!

Daddy's girl

After this, we toured the plantation. It was fun to show Adelyn about how life was way back when (no electricity, farming, etc). We had a great family day! And it wore the kids out. :). Next time we'll do the hike to the top!

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