Sunday, July 14, 2013

Independence Day

First, I wanted to throw in pictures from when James and Adelyn took the donated gifts from their birthday party down to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. They were so cute! Neither one whined about keeping them. We went to the front desk and the lady asked how she could help us. Adelyn promptly responded with, "We're here to give toys to the sick children." I was a proud mama!

Unloading the goods

Proud of their certificate and medal
Fourth of July outfits before church (Sunday before July 4th)
Wednesday night (July 3rd), the Pombos came up and spent the night. Our plans were to go see the fireworks, but it was too rainy. Heather and Trevor also joined us for a cookout. 

Mat, Neel, and I got up early Thursday morning for the We The Runners 5K (again, a 5K in the rain- what's up with that??). I finished 84th out of 259 people and was  7th in my age group. Neel and Mat both finished 3rd in their classes! Great way to start off the 4th!
Thomas family at the Steam Engine Parade

Pombo and Thomas kids after the parade

We wrapped up the day with some friends' cookout/pool party and then headed out to Montana the next day! Ah, good times!

Hope y'all had a Happy 4th! We're blessed to live in this nation! Side note, I've been reading The Storyteller (Jodi Piccoult) and it's about the Concentration Camps/Nazis....REALLY makes me appreciate what our country stands for. 

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