Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. One of the best parts is getting together with family and friends. 
On December 21st, my parents hosted my dad's side of the family for brunch at their house. We haven't ALL been together in years. It was awesome to see my aunt, uncle,  cousins and their kids!

Turner cousins

The next day, my cousin Regan hosted us at her house in Hickory for lunch. Here are the McComb cousins anxiously awaiting their dessert- banana pudding and birthday cake. It was also Regan's birthday!

Adelyn thought it would be Christmas-y to wear a red and silver sparkle shoe. 
We went to Seth's parents' house for lunch on Christmas day. How cute are the cousins? 

Adelyn requested a sewing machine and her own thread. This will be interesting! She's SO excited. I guess we'll both learn to sew. :)

James got lots of tractors/trucks!
On Christmas night, we went to Seth's grandfather's house to eat. 

Seth's Aunt Lynn knit their American Girl dolls a skirt and cardigan. So cute!

My parents came the day after Christmas and stayed for 2 nights. We normally do a steak dinner, but this year we opted for hamburgers on the Primo. They were delicious!

Adelyn got some learning toys this year! She got a clock and a cash register to learn time and money (on top of sewing!)

More trucks!

Uncle Joe spoiled my kids ROTTEN. 

One thing my brother got Seth and I was a coffee mug that looks like a potty. It's hilarious! 

My mom and me

Ah, relaxing by the fire....where we spend most nights!

Seth got a driving simulator from his parents and my parents. I guess I should say good bye now, because once this bad boy gets set up Seth will be out of sight. 

On Friday, my parents and I took the kids to The Pink Pig train ride at Macy's. I've always heard about this Atlanta tradition. They loved it, but I certainly don't feel the need to do this annually. We ate at Souper Jenny- YUM! 

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