Monday, March 3, 2014

Challenged Child 5k

This past Sunday was 72 degrees. Weather lately has been one extreme to the other! We took advantage when Seth's cousin's wife let us know about a 5k that afternoon. Challenged Child is a facility in Gainesville that assists children with developmental delays and disabilities. I volunteered there a couple years ago with Junior Service League and was excited to do a 5k that benefits this organization. 
Adelyn and I after registration

Emily, Conner, Adelyn, James, and me. The race was at glad James will still fall asleep in the stroller! 

So it's not the greatest time, but my girl did it! There were some tears, a couple 30 second rest stops, and fruit snacks and a granola bar bribes....but she did it! :) We jammed out to the Pandora Disney channel. 

Right after the race, she collapsed in the grass. A LITTLE melodramatic, but that's Adelyn 100%

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