Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hollywood Studios

We spent Sunday at Hollywood Studies. Seth was SUPER excited about this because that's where the Star Wars attraction is. I have never seen a Star Wars movie in my life, but the kids also love it.  
 Seth's aunt bought them these J.Crew Darth Vader shirts. Perfect for the day! 
 We left earlier than the rest of the crew so that we could sign Seth up for the Jedi training (it's first come, first serve). Seth and Adelyn went to ride on a Star Wars ride and I took James with me to sign up Seth. When I got to the front of the line I told the man I'd like to sign up my husband. He kindly told me, "Ma'am, this ride is for 4-12 year olds". Alrighty then, sign up my daughter please! Ha! We were given the 1:00 time slot. 

After getting that arranged, we met up with everyone else and rode the Toy Story ride. Oh my gosh- SO much fun! You had to shoot at all of these targets. I loved it- very cool!
 We had 11 am reservations to eat with the Disney Jr. characters. Hollywood & Vine had great food! It was buffet. 
 Jake and the Neverland Pirates (side note, we rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Magic Kingdom and Adelyn was SCARED out of her mind- crying, the whole works. I'm surprised she's anywhere near another pirate!)
Handy Manny and nose picker :)
Adelyn and the other kids (there were 15 training) adorned these brown robes
And were each given a light saber
They were taught how to use the sword to block and fight
Darth Vader and Darth Mall came out and tried to lure the kids to the "dark side". It was truly like a scene out of the movie. The kids  used their powers for good and each had a chance to fight one of them. 

View a video of her fight with the Darth Mall here
 This is one very proud Daddy (and probably jealous too)

While we did this, Bobby and Brenda took James to see a Disney Jr. show. James fell asleep before it even started. :( 
We went to meet Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater, James's favorite characters. But he was so scared! Lightening McQueens engine kept roaring and it really frightened him. 
Um, do we have a future car model? 
This picture does not do this justice. She loves to make wishes in fountains. She will tightly close her eyes, whisper intently to the coin, and toss it over her shoulder. It's absolutely adorable. 

We saw a Muppet Show program that I think the adults enjoyed more than the kids and just walked around the park for the rest of the day. We left around 4 to head home to Georgia. It was an awesome trip. The weather couldn't have been prettier and we all had fun being kids in DisneyWorld. I can't wait to go back now that we've had a little taste!

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