Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Last year for Seth's Dad's birthday, we attempted to give him the experience of a hot air balloon ride with the grandkids. It never worked out, as it would be rainy or too windy and get cancelled. We tried again this year and were able to do it! The weather was amazing on this Monday afternoon! They barely even needed a jacket on November 10th! 

 The kids are obviously VERY excited about their ride. We met in a large parking lot and watched as the balloon got prepared. 

 First, a large fan blew air into the ballooon. Check out Seth's dad in his aviator glasses and Top Gun hat. 
 Kids inside the balloon
 Gassing it up!
 Ready for take-off! (Love how James is enthralled with this process)

 Up, up, and away! (I'm not gonna lie....I was a nervous nelly watching the kids wave from the edge, even though I know they were in excellent hands)

 Seth and I chased the balloon and tried to figure out how to follow it via roads. It was an adventure!
The balloon flew right over my kids' school and James's teacher saw the balloon!

They landed in the back of a neighborhood in this bush!

When they landed, a school bus had just dropped off some middle schoolers. These boys came running over and helped get the air out of the balloon. 

This was an AWESOME experience for all. We've been to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque twice, so it was extra special for them to fly over our town. Happy birthday, Bobby!

Balloons Over Georgia was great- highly recommend them if you ever want to take a hot air balloon ride!! Daryl, the owner, was super with working with our schedules, answering all of our hot air balloon questions, and making this a memorable experience. 

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