Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feeling Festive!

I just love this time of year! We have had fun getting in the Christmas spirit!

 We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas. Adelyn loved finding ornaments with her baby pictures!

It was James's turn to put the angel on the tree. This was his first time. Adelyn swore up and down it was her turn but I proved her wrong by showing her the picture of her doing this task last year. I guarantee we'll be arguing about this again next year! I remember fighting with my brother over whose turn it was too. 
 My mom came in town the first weekend in December and we did our annual cookie baking. We made sugar cookies, Reeses's peanut butter cookies, M&M cookies, and gingerbread cookies from scratch. SO fun! :)

Adelyn sifting flour

James loves to wear his safely goggles when preparing food (they're from a Lowe's Build and Grow). Safety first!

We attended a fun Christmas party in Athens one evening

My mom and I took Adelyn to see Annie Junior. This girl LOVES Annie. We have it on our iPad and she watches the movie at least once a week (not in its entiretyl). She knows all the songs and can't wait to see the new movie!

We took the kids to see Santa (at the outlet mall). They look so big :(
Seth's parents recently went to Germany and Austria. They brought Adelyn back this dress and doll, which she named Sophia. 

I had a bazillion and 3 errands to run and dragged James along with me. He was a trooper! He did get to go to the Lego Store and ride the carousel as a reward. James has been so good lately and fun to be with!

The kids love watching Christmas movies! Our tv has a 3D setting for certain movies so they got to watch Save Santa with their glasses (and Sophia and Christmas cookies!). 

Roseanne is a funny elf!

Heather and I went to see Mockingjay. We've seen all the Hunger Game movies together! We went to a new AMC theater and I was balking at the high prices....until I sat in this leather recliner. I'll happily pay more to be this comfortable!
 The kids performed in their school's Christmas programs. Each age performed seperately and it was adorable. 

Adelyn's Kindergarten class stole the show with their a capella song. They dimmed the lights and the kids sang with their candles. I seriously had tears in my eyes. Video here

 James's class party was Monday. I was the chair for the party and worked with a great group of moms. One activity was eating donuts off a line with no hands- hilarious!

Adelyn in her choir robe 

She made this adorable Merry Christmas plate 

Her class did a gift exchange by playing musical chairs

Just a week until Christmas! We are looking forward to celebrating Jesus's birth. 

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