Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 4th birthday, James!

James turned 4 on June 22nd. This kid is going to move mountains. He is very smart (but doesn't really like to sit down to learn), is hilarious - seriously hilarious, sweet, and definitely red-headed! He can be stubborn and things have to happen on "James time". I guarantee he will be someone's boss one day!  He's growing up so fast- he  already has a sarcastic sense of humor and is getting more and more independent. But he is still my little boy- he calls his pjs "ju-jammies" and puts his shoes on the wrong feet all the time. We love him to pieces! Happy birthday, Jamesy- James!

My kids love this tree near Seth's parents' house because it looks like a 4. 

To celebrate, we had a water party.....we rented a water slide, had a squirt gun for every kid, and had 200+ water balloons. 15 children came over, and I think they all had a great time! We also had some activities in the basement (coloring, blocks, matchcars with a road rug) and a water hopscotch for the younger kids. 

This bad boy came at 9 a.m and the party wasn't until 2:30 p.m. 

The kids tested it out to make sure it was going to work. CHECK!

James wanted a Planes Fire and Rescue cookie cake. Um, yeah....those don't exist. So I had them make some orange flames at Publix and added his Planes Fire and Rescue toys. He was pleased, so that's all that matters. 

We had a bucket filled with water and each kid got a squirt gun. I think they were more fun at the party and nobody really took them home because we have a bazillion left over. Anybody wanna come play water guns at our house? 

Family picture before the kids came

James was very hesitant about going down the slide at first and would only go down with me or Seth. He spent some of the party in the basement, perfectly content playing with the other two kids in there (everyone else was on that slide!)

 By the end, he was loving it! I think he was intimidated by the older kids- they were doing crazy jumps and flying down. Once they took a break, he hung with boys his age and was loving it. 

Blowing out his candle
After the party, we all took turns going down, even Nana!
Adelyn being a daredevil

Not sure where she gets it from? By this point, the slide was covered with sunscreen and we were really flying down it! Seth and I were both sore the next day! Haha! #gettingoldisnotfun

My parents were in town and James LOVED opening his gifts from them. 

We opened all his party presents when the guests left. My dad and James bonded over some Legos.

Seth bought James 2 (used) 4 wheelers a couple months ago. The kids found them a few weeks back, so James got his gift early. Boy do they love these!! They ride them all the time!

 Monday, James's actual birthday, we went to the Georga Aquarium. Georgia residents get in free on their birthday. We were there for about 4 hours. It was really fun! We saw the dolphin show and many cool water animals. James was most excited about the sharks.

We went with my friend Heather and her baby, Madison. Madison smiles all the time- such a sweet, good baby! My kids love her (and are a little too "helpful")

I laugh everytime I see this picture. I crawled through the tunnel with the kids to see the penguins. When I lifted James up to see the penguins through the tube, in totally banged his head into the top. Happy birthday- bonk!!

 We went to Rice with Seth's family to celebrate his birthday that night. He was tickled to have the staff sing to him and bring him a special dessert. 
Thank you to everyone who made his birthday so special!

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