Friday, January 22, 2016

Montana Winter trip

We went to Montana December 27th through January 3rd. As always, it was a great trip!

On our first full day there (Monday), the kids went skiing. 

James did a 2 hour private lesson with Mr. Jesse. This is our 4th year using Mr. Jesse. He is awesome! 
James came in for some lunch and totally scarfed down a grilled cheese sandwich and fries. 
After refueling, Seth and James hit the slopes. They did the bunny slope and then went up a green on the chair lift. 
Meanwhile, Adelyn did her first year of group lessons. Hers was from 10-3:15! We happened to get a glimpse of her with her teacher and group on the chair lift. She loved it and actually went back on Wednesday for a half day of group lessons. 
James took a cozy nap in the chair while Adelyn wrapped up her day. 

The kids loved performing their play. It made no sense to the adults, but they had fun so that's all that matters. 
On Tuesday, we went snow shoeing to the river from the house. I love this picture of Thomas and Adelyn tossing the snow
So pretty!

My girl
Seth and me
Grandma and the grandkids
The couple across the street own a RV park/motel. Randy, the owner, offered to take us sledding behind their snowmobile. James loved riding!

Adelyn got so much snow in her face when riding with Seth. She was miserable for a short bit. She somewhat warmed up (and wore my hat since hers was so wet). Poor girl....her skin is very sensitive. It was already getting red and raw from skiing and this made it even worse. 
Now she's enjoying sledding!
That's me! This was so fun!

Adelyn and James riding the snowmobile with Mr. Randy
Seth got to pull the kids for a while

On Wednesday, the kids (everyone but James) did a half day afternoon ski school. I took zero pictures.

On Thursday, we hiked to the river again. 

James, me, and Adelyn

 Family picture

The grandparents kept the kids and we enjoyed a kid free dinner at the Izzak Walton with Bert and Melissa

Cheers! After dinner, we went downstairs to the game area and the guys played a couple games of pool. I think we were home and in bed by 10:30, but it was a fun night! :)

On Friday, New Years Day, we all skied. James did another 2 hour private lesson and Seth and I skied with Adelyn. She has gotten so much better! It's really fun to ski as a family and we can't wait for James to get older and join us. We met the Durands at the Summit that afternoon and all enjoyed hot chocolate. 

Crazy kids
 Seth, Bert, Melissa, and I enjoying our *adult* hot chocolate. YUM

Gorgeous view from the summit. It's amazing to see an inversion. Thank you, God, for your beautiful scenery 

 The trail we took was a little too hard for Adelyn but she managed. We had a great time! In fact, the ski patrol was behind us making sure everyone was off the mountain for the day runs. Whoops- time to go home!

We spent Saturday around the house, packing and cleaning. We did manage to squeeze in a huckleberry milkshake from the Izaak Walton.

 Then we headed home on Sunday morning. It was -20 degrees that morning. Definitely time to get back to Georgia and see what all 2016 has in store for the Thomas family. 

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