Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas 2015

What an awesome Christmas we had! 

It started off at my parents' house the weekend before Christmas. It was a short trip (one night), but we packed in some good times. 
Gift exchange.... Adelyn opened up a DISNEY CRUISE brochure! Yes, we are going on a Disney Cruise with my parents in February! Can NOT wait!

That was (obviously) the big gift, but they still gave the kids cruise related gifts. James got a pirate ship and Adelyn got a cruise ship.

My dad opening the calendar I make each year
Seth got a variety pack of hot sauce
bowls for corn on the cob
Uncle Joe with my kiddos
On Sunday, we had extended family over for lunch. It was great to see them all!

We went home and spent the next few days with play dates, organizing the playroom, and last minute Christmas preparations

Santa came to Seth's parents' house Monday afternoon for a special visit...

On Christmas Eve, we went to the Mountain Lake Christmas Eve service. It was beautiful. We got there 10 minutes early and were seated in the very top row. I'm glad that so many people come for this special service. The kids sat with us and I think they also enjoyed it.

They always get books for their one gift they open on Christmas Eve. Adelyn got a "big girl" bible (with her name on it)
James got a Star Wars book and The Good Dinosaur on CD.

I got this awesome zip up, hooded, footed, super-soft fleece outfit. I will most likely live in it.
We prepared our annual Cornish Hen dinner
This year, the kids ate with us. In the past. we have eaten after they went to bed and had an in home date night.
 Adelyn and Seth
James and me
Christmas morning....they couldn't wait for us to say "Come on down and see what Santa brought!"

James wasn't sure what to think! He got 2 Millennium Falcon toys
Adelyn and her new Barbie house

Seth got a note from Santa saying his gift was too big to fit down the chimney, so it was left near the back deck (our sitting room has a door that leads to the back deck). He searched around and found his espresso maker that he's seriously wanted since we registered for our wedding. He is OBSESSED with making coffee drinks now. Completely obsessed.

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to visit!

We ate monkey bread, bacon, and fruit (and of course, had lattes and whatever else Seth could create with his machine). We stayed home all day and relaxed and then headed over to Seth's grandfather's house for Christmas dinner.

After a delicious dinner, it was present time. The adults draw names but the kids get gifts from aunts and uncles. For some reason, James wanted NOTHING to do with his plasma car. He loves it now, but look at his hands and face! He was not having it. Believe me, he got in trouble for this reaction and we had discussion about what you say when you open a gift. Kids.

Adelyn, on the other hand, has nailed it. She's a tad excited about her American Girl Doll jewelry gift (while sitting on her plasma car)

 Seth's Aunt Lynn made all the women of the family aprons from his Papa's old shirt. This was such a touching gift.
Emily made a Happy Birthday Jesus cake

My people

We spent the next day celebrating Christmas with Seth's family

James opened up lots of fun gifts- lots of Star Wars things and this marshmallow shooter :)

Adelyn started taking piano over the summer and got a Star Wars piano book

She has very animated expressions when she opens gifts!

Bobby opening some gifts

Brenda opening her picture of the grandkids with Johnny Cash photoshopped in

We got Bert a book about mullets as a gag gift

James and Seth playing with James's foam light saber  

We had an awesome time celebrating our Savior's birth with our family. I can't believe Christmas is over already! 

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