Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Disney Cruise

We went on a 4-night Bahamian Disney Cruise (on the Magic cruise ship) with my parents February 7th-11th. This was a generous gift from my parents for Christmas (we chipped in a small portion). I feel like the unofficial spokesperson of Disney Cruises. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on! I am posting too many pictures below. :)

On Saturday afternoon, we made the 8 hour drive to Orlando and arrived at our hotel around 10 pm. My parents stayed at the hotel next door. 

That morning, we were SO excited that Cruise Day had finally arrived....hence, the handstand shenanigans! My parents hopped in the car with us and we drove 45 minutes to Cape Canaveral. 
Check-in was a breeze and they snapped our thumbs up picture upon entering The Magic
We ate a delicious buffet lunch at Cariocas and then headed to the deck for the send off party. A fruity cocktail was in order!
The kids jammed out with their streamers to the fun music and energetic staff

It took us no time to find Eye Scream, the soft-serve ice cream machine that's always available.  
We were able to get in our rooms shortly after that. It was actually bigger than I expected. When I unpacked, we had drawers we didn't even need. The couch folded out into a comfy bed for James and each night they pulled down a comfy bed for Adelyn from the ceiling. There is a curtain on either side that pulled shut to create a separate bedroom. It was just right for our family of 4. 
I created these magnets to distinguish our doors. 
My parents room was not too far down the hall. This made it super easy for the kids to easily scoot down there :)
We checked out the Kids Club. They had several different rooms. This particular room was for animated drawing. The table was lit beneath and kids could trace Disney characters. 

We ate at Lumiere's for dinner that night. 

James enjoyed his Mickey Mouse ice cream
 This was Super Bowl Sunday! My parents live near Charlotte, so of course we had to cheer on the Panthers! My dad is a huge fan, so they bought us all Panthers shirts. One of the bars had a Super Bowl party and we watched for a bit. My mom and I left early so we could take the kids to see a Cinderella musical. 

Our towel snake with Disney chocolates
Adelyn was obsessed with her top bunk bed. One day she even asked the staff to leave it down!

We ate breakfast on the deck and enjoyed the wide open ocean. Then, my mom and I did a quick workout at the gym. Later that morning we arrived in Nassau. My parents (and the kids) had never been. We booked zero excursions because we wanted to truly experience the ship, but we did explore Nassau a bit just by walking around. 

I love the colorful buildings and had to snap a shot of these two from our veranda. 
My parents with the kids as we enter Nassau
My family
Nana and Grandeddy
When Seth came here as a kid they drank Goombay Punch. He bought a 6 pack and shared it with the kids.
Locals were CONSTANTLY in your face asking you to buy this and that. "Let me braid your pretty girl's hair", they said..... so we did. 
I think it looked pretty cute! I need to find someone near me to do it again. She kept the braids for about 2 weeks. Her hair was out of her face, yet still "down" (as she prefers to wear it)

My parents stayed a little longer in Nassau and we headed back to the ship to enjoy the pretty day poolside.
My honey and me
They almost always had a Disney movie on the big screen near the pool. Adelyn parked herself in the corner and enjoyed the show. This is the life!

James snuggled up with my mom when she returned. He ended up taking a nice nap in a lounge chair. Again....this is the life!
Of course, we got some ice cream after swimming. As you can see, the kids have their fleeces on. This was the warmest day we had, but when you got out it was definitely chilly. The pool was heated. The only swimming I did was the Aqua Dunk and the hot tub. Adelyn was too scared but Seth and I thought the Aqua Dunk was awesome! (It's a water slide that drops you from the top of the ship to the bottom)
We headed back to the rooms to shower up for dinner. Adelyn sat on the veranda and read for a little while.

Sometimes they can be so sweet with each other!

 This was the "dressy" night....although nothing is mandatory. Here's our family selfie from our veranda 
 Pretty girl posing
 Cheers, Mom! We ordered a fun cocktail at Animators Palette. 
 We didn't buy the overrpiced "professional" pictures they offered. Instead, I took pictures of the pictures, so the quality is not good of the next few. Here are my dad and James at dinner. 
 My girl and me
We ate at 5:45 each night so were done fairly early. We dropped the kids off at the Kids Club and wondered around the ship with my parents. We did the cheesy photographs and cracked up at the poses they have you do!
We picked the kids back up and went to see the Tangled musical. All of the shows were phenomenal! I am amazed they're able to house that much talent and scenery on a ship! Adelyn bumped into Rapunzel on the way out. 

We hit the bed after the show. The kids loved seeing the towel creations each night! 

I'll stop now and will continue with the second half in a separate post. Stay tuned! 

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