Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Disney Cruise (con't)

We woke up Tuesday morning at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. They had a 5K, so Seth and I ran that. This was our first time doing a 5K together! I did the whole thing without stopping and under 30 minutes, which was my goal. Seth NEVER exercises and still beat me! I accidentally added an extra 1/2 mile by missing the last turn, but that's neither here nor there. Seth still would have beat me!

 The weather at Castaway Cay was not pretty! After the 5K, we went back on ship, changed, and met up with my parents and the kids. It was super windy and chilly by then. We dropped the kids off at the kids' club on the island, which was a giant sandbox that suited them perfectly. My dad and Seth ate at the barbecue and we all just wondered around. 

 It was so windy that all excursions were cancelled.

I would love to go back! Looks like great beach potential 
 We ended up going back to the ship and hanging out. The kids did some kids club activities and Adelyn swam a little. Honestly, there's so much to do on the ship that the bad weather really had no bearing on our fun!

Bathing suited folks in the background? Lifeguard ready for snow skiing? 
This night was Pirate Night. We had fun getting into our pirate attire!
 Even Rex played along! The earring and bandana do-rag on my dad cracked me up!

 Dinner at Animators Palatte!
 Seth being silly. And probably in pain!
 The staff wished me Happy Birthday a night early :)
 Towel creation
 We went to the deck party and danced with all of the other pirates
 Adelyn made so many friends on this trip. Here she is dancing with a girl she met at the pool
 Mickey zip lined across the ship!

That night, my mom stayed in our room and Seth and I went out. We went to the Irish pub and had a drink and enjoyed some music. Then we watched a game show (How Well Do You Know Your Mate?). It was hysterical! Ask me why if you see me in person. Then, Seth signed up for a whiskey tasting so we went to that. Again, there is SO MUCH to do on this ship... for all ages! We had a fun date night!

 The next day (Wednesday) was my birthday! We went to breakfast at Lumiere's. It was awesome! Adelyn let me wear her crown. 

 We signed up for Meet and Greets at the beginning of the cruise. We still waited in a little line, but it could have been way worse had we not had our assigned time. 
 Storm Trooper, meet Cinderella
 Adelyn is holding Rapunzel's hair
 Rapunzel and Prince Star Wars
 James didn't complain once about the princesses! 
Adelyn was stroking Belle's dress and said it was "so soft"
James talked SO much to Elsa

 They love Frozen!

 Birthday girl had to get in!

 Seth and the kids went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the THIRD time.  

 My mom and I took advantage of an adult activity: Coaster Making. We glued tiles in fun patterns to make coasters. It was oddly relaxing and fun to do something with just my sweet mom

 GORGEOUS sunset!
 We took the kids to the Kids Club for dinner and we got ready for our adult meal at Palo (the adult only restaurant)

 Such a fun birthday dinner! The food was absolutely amazing! Our waiter was a little too "there" but he did meet our every single need! He even gave Seth 2 entrees since he was torn between lamb and Osso Bucco. 
 Another birthday dessert!
 We picked the kids up and took them to the last show. Seriously, the shows every night were outstanding! Afterwards, they wanted ice cream. Why not at 10 pm?!?!

Our last night on the ship's towel creation

Disney does no wrong. Even our departure morning was smooth sailing. We ate an early,  lovely breakfast and were in our car with our luggage by 9:30 a.m. I was sad it was over. The good news? We booked another cruise! If you book while on the ship, you get a discount and have 24 months to set your date. Why not? 

 We spent Friday at The Kennedy Space Center. It was incredible!

 Seth and my dad sliding down
 We took a bus ride and James fell asleep in Nana's lap

 The kids are touching moon rock

 We thought we'd only be here a couple of hours but there is so much to see! I encourage everyone to check it out!

We drove back home after that and arrived around 10:30 pm. I honestly didn't feel like I needed a vacation from the vacation. I rarely feel that way upon return from any trip. I can't wait for our next Disney Cruise!

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