Friday, April 8, 2016

Easter 2016

We started off the Sunday before Easter with 3 of the 4 Thomas family members sick! I took the kids to the doctor and it turned out James had a double ear infection, pink eye, and croup. 

Adelyn tested positive for the flu. She had to exit the doctors office from the back door wearing this mask. She was NOT a happy camper. I am certain that I also had the flu, but when mama and the kids are sick, mama doesn't go to the doctor! We spent the ENTIRE week at home trying to get better! 

Monday night, James couldn't breathe and was coughing so hard he threw up AND busted the blood vessels in both eyes. I ended up taking him to the eye doctor Wednesday afternoon because the pediatric nurse said red eyes didn't sound normal. They eye doctor confirmed it was just from coughing and would take about THREE weeks to clear up! Adelyn was feeling better by Wednesday but James and I were on again off again running a fever until Friday. 

James missed his Easter party and egg hunt at school. My sweet friend Randy (her daughter is in James's class) brought James his party plate of food and eggs. I hid them in our front yard. 
We tried to go outside and play as much as we could. 

Needless to say, by the time Easter rolled around we were ready to get out of the house and celebrate. 

 James had a soccer game Saturday morning and was feeling SO much better. He accidentally scored for the other team. He was so proud when he thought he'd earned his team a point. 
 We came home and died our Easter eggs. 
Seth's aunt and uncle gave the kids an egg painting kit. You paint the eggs with chalk paint and then draw designs on them with chalk. 

Saturday night we had a friend's 40th birthday party. It was great to get out of the house and have adult conversations. :) We knew it was going to rain Sunday, so the baskets and eggs were inside. 
The kids woke up Easter morning and were excited about their baskets! Adelyn got The Little Man on the Map, a book she has been wanting. 
 James got a "big boy" bible. Adelyn got one for Christmas and he's been wanting one ever since. It's the Adventure Bible and GREAT for kids! I enjoy reading it because it's simpler but still tells the whole story. 
 They got these Poppers. You squeeze the animals stomachs and balls pop out. They're pretty fun!
 The plastic eggs had jokes or coupons in it (pick a movie, eat breakfast for dinner, get frozen yogurt, etc)
 They had fun opening the eggs!

 All ready for church! James's had a haircut scheduled but we had to cancel it. I felt like he looked like a hot mess with his red eyes and unruly hair!

 For Easter dinner, we went to Seth's grandfather's. Adelyn wore Granny's clip on Easter earrings. 
 It was misting outside, but we still hunted eggs with cousins. 
 They were all looking for a golden egg with their name on it and $5 inside!

After the hunt, everyone launches the hard boiled eggs across the street and throws them as far as they can (the goal is the tin roof on the barn across the street). 

Celebrating Easter is such a special time....especially when you're feeling well! We are so thankful for everything Jesus has done for us. 

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