Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Break

Our Spring Break was pretty chill. It was the first week of April. 

On April Fools Day, Adelyn wanted to trick people with Oreos filled with toothpaste. Here she is "sweetly" offering James her treat. 
He's not so sure about this! But, he ate it anyway (and asked for a toothpaste Oreo the next day rather than brushing his teeth). 
We drove to Greenville Saturday to spend the night with our dear friends, the Myers. We had blast Saturday night! Laura got a sitter for the 5 kids and we went out to several fun places in the charming downtown Greenville. We started out with appetizers at The Lazy Goat and then moved to Halls Chophouse the appetizer Mel was raving about.
He was right! SO DELICIOUS....Halls Chophouse "martini" (potatoes, steak, and french fried onions)
We ended the night at Coffee Underground and enjoyed dessert coffees. It's been a long time since the 4 of us have been together, and we had the best time!
On Sunday, we took the kids to a nearby park. Adelyn borrowed Janie's bike and helmet (both are too small for her)
Adelyn climbed to the top of this fun contraption!
On the way home, Adelyn pedaled her little heart going DOWNHILL and crashed. Luckily, all teeth are intact and it's just some scrapes down her face. It looked pretty painful!
We all just LOVE baby Brooks. Adelyn is little mama to all babies
On Monday morning, we drove to my parents' house. We had a picnic at Windjammer park. Monday was the warmest day of our Spring Break.
I love my mom!
Then we went to get snow cones
We played on the giant checkerboard and enjoyed the sunshine.
Tuesday morning, I went to the nearby LA Fitness and took a challenging class then met my mom and the kids at the York County Museum. They had a stuffed every animal imaginable. The kids love sloths now (after seeing Zootopia)
That evening, we got sushi and had fun with the MSQRD app (it switches your face with other people's). This is Adelyn and me. 
My mom and Adelyn
Adelyn and Uncle Joe
My mom got James this box of army guys, vehicles, and scenery. James did a nice long play for us. This is Germany vs. Japan
On Wednesday, we went to Ray's Splash Zone in Charlotte. The kids had a BLAST! My mom and I thought it was a little chilly, but the kids did not!

James loves these spouts. He karate kicks them and makes the water blow up his shirt.
Adelyn loved the water slide
We drove back to Cumming from here and spent the remainder of the week having playdates at the park, eating yummy food, and spreading mulch.

We had the Honeas over Saturday night. Sweet kids :)

Like I said, it was a chill week- just what we needed!

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