Sunday, May 8, 2016

Monterey, CA

Seth had a race at Laguna Seca/Mazda Speedway in Monterey, CA on April 30th. Most years, I leave the kids at home. We took just Adelyn a few years back (see post here). This year, my mom stayed with Adelyn and only James went. We shouldn't have told him about the trip until the day before because BOY he's been excited for over a month!

The big day finally arrived! We flew out early Wednesday morning. Upon boarding the plane, he got to enter the cockpit and meet the pilots. 
He was really good on the plane. He watched Star Wars: Force Awakens (surprise, surprise), played with his toys, ate snacks, and even took a nap!
We flew into San Francisco and showed him the Bay area. Look at these two handsome boys!
He loved to chase the pigeons. Thank goodness he didn't disturb the sleeping homeless men in the background. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Alioto's at Fisherman's Wharf and then walked around.
Golden Gate Bridge

We enjoyed a fun cable car ride! At one point, a man hopped on and grabbed the rail RIGHT in front of James (probably thinking that had the most standing room since his feet don't touch the platform). James yelled, "Move. I can't see!". The man just laughed and said, "You'll fit right in here! You say exactly what's on your mind." I about died!
He got to ring the bell at the end!
I love San Francisco architecture
And the crazy, hilly streets

After that, we went to Ghirardelli Square and split a giant salted caramel brownie sundae. It was amazing! From here, we (tried to) hit the road and and drive to Monterey. A Giants game was letting out and there was traffic everywhere! It definitely took longer than planned.
I went for a beautiful run on Thursday morning. This view is amazing!
Lover's Point selfie
Brenda and I took James to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We got to watch them feed the otters. Who knew otters could do tricks and were so entertaining? 
James at the touch pool.

 This was his favorite thing to do. It was in the kid area and it was a "water gun" that moved boats around. Hello? We're here to see sealife!
 Grandma, James, and the magical jellyfish

We headed to the track from here. James enjoyed a whale cookie (even though he was mad at me because it broke in half). It was really cold so we didn't stay too long!
Next to our hotel is an antique mall. I remembered from the year before that there's a booth with every Star Wars toy ever sold. I took James to check it out. He was in awe.
You can't come to this area without enjoying dinner at Phil's! There cioppina is out of this world. It's the size of our front yard and full of fresh seafood. I crave it all year.

James asked Brenda to take him to the nearby beach. He loved running around. They both returned wet from a surprise big wave that got their pants and shoes wet!

On Friday, we went to Carmel to go shopping. 

Then we stopped at Dennis the Menace Park
The playground was so neat! The slide was made out of rollers and you went down it like a conveyer belt. 

Before heading back to the hotel, we stopped at Lover's Point and let James explore all over the rocks. 

Grandma and Grandpa with James

On Friday night, we enjoyed an oceanfront dinner. James spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa and Seth and I went to one of his friend's houses that lives nearby. 
Saturday was race day! Finally, the weather was warm-ish and sunny! 

We hiked up the hill to the Corkscrew to cheer on Seth

We spread out the blanket Delta "loaned" us and watched the race with Katie and Liane. 

James fell asleep in my lap while watching the race. The noise of the cars, the warm sun.... it all put him right to sleep
Go, Seth! Unfortunately, something on the front suspension broke when Dan was in the car. The crew fixed it, but they were several laps down when Seth got in. It wasn't the best race for the #38. 

Meanwhile.... back home, Nana and Adelyn did a TON of fun activities! 
They made a fairy garden. Adelyn painted this birdhouse. It's so cute! 

They went to Warbington Farms and picked strawberries (and made my grandmother's fruit pizza recipe), ate out at Rice, went to see The Jungle Book, had a friend come over, and kept up with her school work and weekly activities. 

Adelyn also had a 3 hour "floating classroom" girl scout event on Lake Lanier. My mom took her to this. Adelyn loves little kids/babies. Here she is taking care of a friend's little sister.

Thanks to my mom for taking such wonderful care of Adelyn!

We had a GREAT trip to California!

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