Sunday, May 15, 2016

School activities

The kids' schools do some neat activities all year long, but here lately there have been some extra fun ones!

Mrs. Jeri sends home class books all the time! She creates a book highlighting what they've been studying and celebrating (Mardi Gras, Presidents, etc.). This particular one was "What I Want to be When I Grow Up". Most kids from the Christian preschool said mermaid, teacher, fireman, and so forth. Not my son! He wants to shoot guns and have cannons!

 CFUMC participates in the Upwards sports program. This is James's second year playing soccer. We loved his coaches this year! James learned and scored 3 times throughout the season. Even though he didn't kick the ball a ton, he had a blast learning the rules and running A LOT. 
He loved cheering when his team scored!

Siblings at a game
At the end of the season celebration, each player received a soccer ball rather than a trophy. They all got donuts too!

On April 21st, Adelyn's class went on a field trip to the Gainesville Botanical Gardens. Here she is with Mrs. Gravitt, a few classmates (and a few siblings thrown in). I have started tutoring some homeschooled kids and had to work that morning. Brenda took Adelyn on this field trip for me. 
Adelyn and Parker exploring 
Working hard on their observations! 
There was a Stickworks exhibit (by Patrick Dougherty). Everything is made from wood, branches, and twigs. 
I love this picture of her! 

 On April 26th, the Pre K put on a circus show for the entire school. James was a motocross rider. We used to have a scooter, but the kids never rode it so I got rid of it a while back. We had to borrow a friend's and he practiced a few days beforehand. I wasn't quite sure how well he would perform but he did ok! :)
 The kids are doing an AMAZING stunt.... riding around without running over the announcer! James passed kids when he was near them. Wonder where he gets that need from?!
 Sweet pre-k buddies
Daddy with his racing kid

On May 6th, Adelyn had her Spring Chorus Concert. The chorus sang several songs from The Sound of Music. We've watched the movie and now she pretty much sings the soundtrack 24/7. See videos below: 

This next one cracks me up! Adelyn was very into the hand gestures. 

 Adelyn has some sweet girls in her class. I've enjoyed getting to know their moms as well. 
These last days of school are bittersweet. I have enjoyed my 3 days of homeschooling Adelyn each week. Next year, she will most likely go to the public school down the road. I am soaking up these final days with just the two of us. The flexibility has been fabulous. 

Just one more week of school left! They've been blessed with awesome teachers!

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