Thursday, September 15, 2016

James lately (and first day of Young 5's- whoop whoop!)

I'm doing an entire post about James Thomas because we have spent a LOT of time together. Adelyn started school August 4th and James didn't start until September 6th. With all of his friends starting Kindergarten, it's been a weird month. 
An older friend goes to a private school that didn't start until a little later, so Charlie came to play one morning
His buddy Dean is also doing Young 5's so he came to play a couple times. They love to be race car drivers!
We all went swimming and had fun riding to the pool in the convertible

James did a karate work out while I did my BeachBody/21 Day Fix videos (which I have loved, by the way!)
James had Open House 2 weeks before school started. Mrs. Rachael is going to make it an AWESOME year! She's all about good behavior, kids doing things for themselves, and sight words. Woo hoo!
James and Myles playing in the the driveway
We FINALLY got around to building a wooden set he got for Christmas. You can make all kinds of things. He chose a house coin bank that he painted after we built it.
Just before school started, we went to LegoLand. SO, SO fun! This is Atlanta, in Legos. Hi, Fox Theater!!

There was a Lego 4D movie
James built his own race car
... and his own boat. This area was his favorite. Using the larger legos, kids could build boats and float/race them over the water.
I am a complete sucker. He needs no more legos, but I let him pick a small set to take home. He just LOVES legos and is really good at building them!
School FINALLY started after a fun Labor Day weekend! It was a super 4 day week! Be on the lookout for a Baptist Dojo in the near future!
James had his first friend spend the night! Donovan (a friend from his preK class) and his parents came for dinner. Donovan stayed the night. He's had sleepovers with his cousin and Myles stayed with his mom one night but this was "official". The woke up at 3 a.m ready for the day. Agh! It took them until 4:30 to go back to sleep. BUT....they had a great time! :)
I pick James up at 12:30 and then we have lunch together. He wanted a picnic and a "dipping" lunch (dip everything into sauces.... chips and avocado, carrots and hummus, spreadable cheese and crackers, and nutella and popcorn) on this day

James started Fall Baseball! He has been SO very excited to start baseball. We love his team and coach!
He had his first game on 9/13. It's coach pitch (2 times, and then they bring out the tee). At the scrimmage the week before, he didn't hit the ball at all and said he "wasn't very good at batting". He was SO surprised when he hit that coach-pitched ball at his first game, he FROZE!

Ok, enough James Thomas. It's been a very bitter sweet month but I wouldn't take back the time with him.

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