Wednesday, September 14, 2016

VIR August 25-27

Seth had a race at VIR. Seth and his dad found a plantation (Berry Hill) last year and wanted to take the kids back. Adelyn learned about Appomattox last year, so we decided to pull her from school for one day to get a little history lesson. 

This is Berry Hill. There is a hotel to the back right side. We stayed on the second floor of the house! It was SO COOL!!

This is the driveway leading up to the plantation. I did get to sneak in a run one morning and enjoyed this scenery!
This is the room we stayed in. There ended up being a booking mix up, so we only got this suite for one night. 

A huge bathroom with an old fashioned tub separated the 2 bedrooms. 

The kids had this room. I ended up moving couches and chairs beside the bed because it was so high up!

We couldn't wait to walk around and explore the grounds. This tree was pretty crazy!
The Bruce Family was buried in the family cemetery 
The plantation has 2 restaurants, a spa, and this pool. It was SUPER hot in VA that weekend and the pool felt like a sauna. Seth's mom and I sweated it out and let the kids swim for a while. 
After that, we ordered dinner and had it delivered to our suite. Seth's parents had the smaller suite (which was still huge) and this dining area was another room upstairs that we were free to use. 

I ordered etouffe (shrimp, sausage, and alligator!)
 This is the gorgeous stairway at entrance 
 Welcome to our new home! :)
 We spent Friday morning at Appomatox. This is the Peers House, where the last shots of the Civil War were fired. 

 This is the McLean House, where Robert E. Lee and Ulysses E. Grant met and Lee surrendered. 
Here's the living room that they sat in (while the McLean family was upstairs waiting)
 Adelyn became a Junior Ranger 
 After that, we headed to the track for a pig roast. They had bbq, beans, coleslaw, and homemade banana pudding. 
 My parents came in town just in time for the dinner!
 Saturday was the race. It was blazing hot! 
 Adelyn found some cheerleaders at the fan walk
The race was crazy- at the start, it started POURING down rain and thundering! We spent the race at the rig but did make it to the pits to watch the driver change/tire change/car get fueled in a matter of seconds. 

Seth and Dan ended 9th, so that was pretty good! And we all learned so much from our visit back in time at the plantation and Appomattox!

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