Saturday, November 19, 2016

Halloween Festivities 2016

Never take your kids to Lowes in October

We went to Stone Mountain to hear Ghost Stories

Such a fun evening! There were 5 story tellers telling ghost stories (more like folk tales), but they weren't scary. We even bought a CD and Adelyn loves to listen to them. 

We took our annual trip to Kinsey Farms to buy our pumpkin

The lady who took this picture for us didn't quite get us all in :) 
They HAD to have these baby pumpkins (that they thought resembled ice cream cones)

Seth's aunt goes all out with her Halloween decorations. She always has everyone to her house and the kids wear their costumes. These are not their real costumes. James has had the Captain America costume of a couple of years and Adelyn was coming from a Monster High birthday party where the girls each got to keep a costume. 

James's class visited the church pumpkin patch, did a little craft, and heard a story

Adelyn's school had a trunk or treat

The Siemon's hosted a pumpkin carving party. Adelyn got most of the"guts" out

Seth and James cared the pumpkin in a Star Wars design. 

All the kids with their carved pumpkins

James's school Halloween parade....

....followed by the classroom party.  A parent made quesadillas that looked like pumpkins

Afterwards, they played games

On Halloween night, James wanted to go to the Dark Side

We went to the Abernathy's for pizza and trick or treating

Myles and James

Tatem and Adelyn

My sister in law happened to have a Cleopatra costume and let me borrow it. Adelyn was MORTIFIED and would barely take 1 picture with her mom in a matching costume. 
Seth and I with Kylo Ren and an Egyptian princess

The Abernathys

Wine in a solo cup was our "treat"

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