Thursday, December 22, 2016

School Parties (and what not)

James's last day of school was Thursday (12/16). His class performed the Nativity and James was the Inn Keeper. He said his line loud and clear. 
 I love my Inn Keeper!
They returned to class and ate a Christmas lunch and played games. 
Mrs. Rachael is amazing! The kids gave the parents the cutest Christmas crafts! James did some really nice paintings and ornaments that I'll always treasure. 

On Friday, we joined Adelyn for lunch at school. This day was pajama day at school. Adelyn refused to wear hers (in case she was the only one), so she opted for "comfy clothes" and ended up being about the only 2nd grader NOT in pajamas. This child. 
We went to my parents' house Friday after school to celebrate Christmas with my mom's side of the family. We had a wonderful lunch (brisket, mac and cheese, baked beans). Unfortunately, Adelyn got sick Saturday night. She puked all.night.long and ran a fever Sunday morning. She spent the day resting and was all better that afternoon. It was a strange little bug!
Sunday night was Oak Grove's Christmas service. James sang with his choir and then sat with Santa. 
Adelyn's party was Monday morning (Her last day was Tuesday (12/21). The kids ate breakfast and then did the world's cutest crafts in stations. It was the most calm party I've ever attended with children! Her teacher must have magic powers. 
Snowman from rice and socks
I love this girl of mine so much! 
I bought chalkboard wrapping paper and the kids have had fun decorating the gifts for me :)

I said, "Christmas is right around the corner!" and James asked, "Which corner?!". They're so excited!

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