Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hilton Head May 2017

My dear friend Laura's mom has a condo she rents out in Hilton Head. We have talked for YEARS about taking the kids over the summer and it's never happened....until this year! It was available Monday through Friday (Memorial Day) so we jumped at the opportunity. 

The kids and I left Monday morning and had a pleasant drive there. It's about 5 hours. I packed us lunches and we stopped somewhere in south Georgia at a playground to run off energy. We quickly realized we love north Georgia. The bugs and heat were intense! 

We all arrived by 4:00. Laura ran to the grocery store and I took the kids to the pool. 

 3, 2, 1... let the fun begin! Laura has 3 kids and her oldest brought a friend. (Brooks stayed at the condo with Laura's nanny to nap)
 After a spaghetti dinner, we strolled to the beach. 
 These two are precious together. They're just a couple weeks apart
 Brooks and his beautiful mama
 James changed into pjs after the pool
 All the kids ended swimming in their clothes
 We arrived to the beach a little after 9 on Tuesday morning. We packed lunches and were in it for the day!

Love this girl!
 Boogie Board Babes
 James loves the beach, especially digging in the sand
 Can't stop, won't stop cartwheelin' 
 After 5 hours at the beach, we hit the pool. Laura ran to the condo for white wine and peanuts. Just another reason why I love this girl
 That night we went to dinner in Shelter Cove. Here's the whole group! 
 The marsh is always calling me. One day I would love a home on the marsh!!
 As we entered the restaurant, I saw a family from Cumming. Small world! These girls loved their fried shrimp. Speaking of fried, this mom didn't apply sunscreen very well on Adelyn or myself. Both of us had sunburned thighs.  I felt horrible! ;( I have never let my kids get sunburned and it's the worst feeling when it happens. 
 Wednesday was overcast, but we still hit the beach for a few hours. The kids had a blast!
 Then of course, we had to go to the pool some more. James is playing peek a boo with Brooks. 
 George Washingtons!
 After showers, I did the girls' hair the same. 
 Laura and I at Harbour Town
 We did a pirate boat ride. The kids all got tattoos before boarding
 James wanted to sit with the adults at first. 
 Here's the pirate captain
 So cool to see several dolphins!

 They had a whole story that went with the boat ride. Basically, Stinky Pete (in the small boat) stole the key to the treasure chest and the kids had to "attack" him with these water cannons. They all loved it! (even the 11 year old boys!)
 Adventurous Adelyn
 Jumpin' James
 Stinky Pete with the kids
 Afterwards, we put our name down at the restaurant and let the kids play on the playground. I love this - most restaurants don't take reservations but there is still fun to be had!
 And wine. We had an hour wait :( 
 My handsome kiddo
 See saw
Adelyn bought a BFF Forever necklace for Janie and her. So sweet!

The next day we had to head on home. The kids had their first swim meet and we had to be there by 4:00. It was a short and sweet trip but SO much fun! Thank you, Laura, for inviting us!

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