Friday, June 16, 2017

Wrapping up the School Year

As the kids get older, May ends up being the busiest time of the year. It's filled with lots of celebrations and parties. 

James had a terrific baseball season. He's the youngest on the team, but he learned so much. His coach is incredible. This team placed first in their division. They had a tournament, but lost in the first game. Cheers to James's 2nd season of baseball. He LOVES this sport!! 

James had an end of the school year party to celebrate the end of a great year in Young 5s. James got the "Laffy Taffy" award for all his jokes and being a funny boy. 
 What?! A parent had the Kona Ice truck come!
 Each kid got a pool noodle, which of course turned into a light saber party. 
Mrs. Rachael was a wonderful fit for James this year.  
 James had his karate graduation (actually, right before this school graduation). His class did the 16 count for the parents. 
James has his green belt now! He loves Mr. DJ
 Oh man, I am going to miss CFUMC. We've been there since Adelyn was 18 months old. This was our last event at this school. The Young 5s wore dark colors and white gloves. The black light was on them as they sang "Jesus, You Are Wonderful". So cool!
Grandma and Grandpa came 
 Our family :) Afterwards, we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream

Adelyn had her fair share of activities as well!

Field Day at Coal Mountain was a blast!
Last day of 2nd grade! 

She had an awesome first year at Coal Mountain. Love this sweet girl!

Adelyn's end of the year party consisted of breakfast followed by fun centers. I planned a few Minute to Win It games in the hallway. In the picture above, the kids had a minute to get crackers from their forehead into their mouths without using their hands. It was hilarious!!
They also made graham cracker beach scenes (and their leis)
Mrs. Aylor was a perfect match for Adelyn. She's so sweet and really pushed Adelyn. 
When Adelyn got off the bus, we squirted her with water guns! James was definitely the man for this task. 

Adelyn had her Girl Scout End of the Year party, which was a talent show. Can you guess what song she played on her keyboard?

Now on to summer! Swim team began mid-May and it's everyday for June :) 

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