Saturday, July 29, 2017

4th of July

The 4th was on a Tuesday this year. We spent Monday night at a friend's hot dog gathering
 Then we basically walked across the street to watch the city's fireworks. 
 I ran a 5k with friends on the 4th. It was so fun! I haven't ran in sweet FOREVER, so I was pretty proud that I ran the entire thing!
 I simply walked to the steam engine parade and met my family there after the race. 
 James, Adelyn, and Thomas
 Seth and me....I'm still sporting my medal :) 
 Myles and James
 Grandpa with James and Emily
 The Abernathy's joined us on the float and helped throw candy to the crowd

 Adelyn and Tatem
 Throw it, James!
 Watch out... James is driving!

We spent the evening at the Abernathy's

 Can't get much more American than this!
 Melissa, me, and her neighbors
 Poolside neighborhood fireworks! Their neighborhood goes ALL OUT in the fireworks department. It is quite a show!
 And especially cool to watch while floating on your back
 Or drinking beers by the pool
When we came home, we set off a few more fireworks in our driveway

As always, it was a fun 4th with family and friends!

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