Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lake Martin

My best friend since middle school, Heather, lives in London. Her parents live on Lake Martin in Alabama. She came home for a month, so the kids and I visited them July 5-7. 

 I hadn't even met Noah. He's a 5 month old CUTIE. Madison is almost 3. We spent the afternoon playing in the lake and catching up. 

 The next morning we went to a restaurant. I cracked up at these Snickers bars!
 They have created a little beach area with sand and toys. 
We floated in the lake 
 And judged the kids on their jumps

 Gosh I miss her!

 The kids had a water balloon fight!

 Mr. Crawford took us out for a boat ride. Lake Martin is beautiful! It's a very clean lake and not over developed!
 Both of my kids fell asleep!

It was so good to see Heather, her kids, and her sweet parents. 

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