Saturday, August 5, 2017

Folly Beach Part 1

Ah, one of my favorite weeks of the year- Beach Week! We went to Folly Beach, SC with my family July 8-15 and had a BLAST!

On Saturday morning the car was loaded, we hit Starbucks, and we were ready for the (what should have been 5 hours, but took 6) drive!
It's tradition that as soon as we arrive, the kids go swim in their clothes! 
The kids love this :) 
Adelyn is very modest in her clothing and bathing suits (NOT complaining). We bought her some sunglasses when we arrived and I asked to take her picture in front of this sign. She was mad because the lady has on a bikini. 
My mom always makes lasagna the first night we're there. After a delicious dinner, we admired the sunset over the Folly Pier
Sunday was our first full day! Adelyn was ready to hit the beach!
She likes to go out deep and ride waves
James likes to attack the waves with his baseball bat
My parents
Sunday was our 12 year anniversary! I can't think of a better place to spend it!
One of my besties that I've known since middle school lives on Folly. It's a treat every year to spend time with her, her husband, and their son (who's 5)

Adelyn, Zephyr, and James digging

Best treat EVER... Seth arranged a date night in downtown Charleston and we got to spend the night at Two Meeting Street, a B&B on the Battery. I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted to stay here. What a great anniversary gift!! :) 

Check out the inviting porch!

And that tree! We went back several days later and it was dried and wilted
Victorian bedroom
Verandah off the bedroom
They offer tea and snacks in the afternoon and there were delicious!

We're ready to hit the town!

Rainbow Row
I used to think this stretch was so touristy. Now that I don't live there anymore I love it!
We went to Amen Street for oysters. YUM
And an oyster shooter for fun :) 

We walked through the Market (again, used to never go there because it's too "touristy") and then got to Husk a little early for our dinner reservation. We sat outside and enjoyed a cocktail while we waited. 
Love him
Husk is extreme farm to table. We decided to be adventurous and had the waiter's suggestion- pig ear. It was tasty, but I was a tad apprehensive :) We shared that appetizer and a red snapper entree. 

Plus a peanut butter milkshake for dessert
I woke up Monday morning and got to go for a run in my favorite city. There's so much to look at! I had no planned course; just meandered my way around downtown. 
When I came back, they brought us coffee to enjoy on our verandah
And a delicious breakfast
After showers, we walked around downtown. I love seeing the steps that were once used for women to step into the horse drawn carriages. 

I used to always say I would get married on the Battery 

When we came back, an employee showed us some neat things about the house. This mirror is upstairs and reflects the foyer. The daughters could view their gentleman courters before descending downstairs ("caller id")

The mantle in the dining room fireplace.... 
reflects the stained glass in the dining room window. Amazing!
 As soon as we got back to Folly, it was time to hit the beach again! 
 We had fun being silly!

And these pictures are just Saturday through Monday! :) 

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