Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Isle of Palms

I know everyone loves a vacation, but I was really ready! I hadn't been anywhere since a month or more before having James and any beach is truly my favorite place in the world. We went to Isle of Palms, SC (about 20 minutes from Charleston). My parents rented a 4 bedroom condo to accommodate my family, my brother and them. My dad's 60th birthday was September 26, so this week was for him! I was a little hesitant about going so late, but we were able to enjoy swimming in the ocean, laying out in the sun (without roasting and sweating), and no crowds! 
We spent most of our days at the beach. We didn't get in the pool once. Adelyn LOVES the sand and water. James took two big naps everyday on the beach. He was an absolute angel. Seth and I got a date night- my parents kept both kids and we stayed at The Ansonborough Inn downtown one night. It wasn't really on purpose, but we kind of recreated our engagement night (this is where we stayed and we also ate at the restaurant). I got to see my old girlfriends and spend lots of memorable time with my family. 

James's first time getting his feet in the ocean

Dinner at The Boathouse to celebrate my dad's 60th 

Kate, Claire, James, and me (they are a little less than 2 months apart)

Kate, me, Heather (6 months pregnant), and Stacy met for dinner at Zia Taqueria

Adelyn in the water room at The Children's Museum

We met Cory and Lucy at the museum and then had lunch at Bubba Slye's afterwards

Date night- we had a drink the The Pavillion, a rooftop bar that overlooks the city

Date night- dinner at Cru 

Our condo (bottom left)

Best invention ever- it's a sleep "tent" with a screen and a shade. That beach breeze put him to sleep instantly!

Heather and James

Heather and I at Hucks

Our last night- dinner at Morgan Creek Grill. We celebrated Seth's birthday!

James- 3 months old in his Carolina gear

Adelyn- 3 months old in her Carolina gear

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