Wednesday, July 25, 2012

13 months old

I still can't believe James is one, much less 13 months old! He's still not walking, but he's getting closer. He'll stand alone and loves for us to clap for him. He's taken up to 6 steps, but he's not super comfortable with it. He's so fast crawling that I think he'll continue doing that for a little bit longer. James is learning more words...he says ni-ni (night night), hey-o (while holding phone), tractor, RiRi (Riley), and nana (banana, but my mom says it's for her too). He loves balls, cars, trucks, and being outside. If you close a door, he starts crying because he thought we were going out there. If you whisper to him, he'll whisper back. If you say, "James say YES", he shakes his head no rapidly. He just smiles all the time! We have transitioned to whole milk. I am not enjoying the diapers that accompany this! He still gets breast milk mixed with it just so I can get rid of my frozen supply. James got two new teeth (while I was out of town, of course). One tooth is a molar. He skipped a few and went straight for the back, which looks really funny. Now we have 7 teeth. I'm glad he got more, because James is D.O.N.E with baby food and has been for a while. He only wants to feed himself (unless it's yogurt or something like that). He eats anything.  And I mean anything.

Adelyn is having a fun summer. You should see her swim! She is getting braver and is jumping into the deep end and swimming to the ladder without a noodle/swimmies. She needs to continue working on her big arms, blowing bubbles while swimming, and getting her head up. This girl loves the water!  Here's a little video:
She does not love riding a tricycle or bicycle. Seth got her a balance bike and we're hoping to spark some interest. She's on this super duper girly kick where she has to wear a skirt or dress and clothes have to be pink or purple. She does not like the bike because it's green. Who is this child? Don't get me wrong- the girl will play rough and is not afraid to get dirty. I just need to broaden her horizons with some more sports activities and not so much frills. 

As for trips, Brenda and I took the kids to Highlands while Seth and Bobby went to Indy for testing. It was just a one night trip, but so fun! Then I took the kids to my parents for almost a week. My mom kept them over the weekend while I went to Charleston for a girls' trip. It's been an awesome month! I love spending so much time with my children and watching them grow. When school starts in September we'll be back on a schedule. Every morning Adelyn wakes up and says, "Where are we going today??". 

Adelyn can write her name now! We've been working on "e" for a long time!

James FINALLY got his haircut! I took him to Sweet and Sassy, a very girly place that I take Adelyn to, but they have a boy's chair (with race cars around the mirror...appropriate, right??)

He was such a good boy during the whole process, all due to the fact that he ate goldfish and numnums the entire time
This is how you'll often find James. He can really throw!! It's pretty crazy- any ball can fly across the room. I'm glad we don't have antique vases anywhere. 

Seth and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary July 9th. He sent me these beautiful flowers. We put the kids down early, popped open a good bottle of wine, and ate Chef Kern's on our back deck. It was lovely.

To celebrate the 4th, Seth and Adelyn rode in the Steam Engine Parade. James and I met them later for lunch with his family. 
Heather and Trevor having fun with the kids on the 4th  (we spent the afternoon at Seth's parents' pool and then we cooked out at our house)

Heather is teaching Adelyn how to make a flower necklace out of the weeds in our yard
Girls' Weekend with Randy in Charleston!!! My parents kept my children at her house in Tega Cay. We stayed at the Andrew Pickney Inn

Heather and I

Randy and I had so much fun together. We talked non stop and just caught up. It was wonderful to have a weekend away from our babies
College of Charleston Cistern

Dinner at Rue de Jean (Laura, Stacy, Kate, me, Randy, Laura, and Mel)
The hotel had a rooftop veranda that overlooked downtown. It was awesome to go up there and sip on some white wine
We went to Sullivan's Island Friday and Saturday....can't get enough beach time!
Laura, me, and Cory

Randy, Heather, me, and Cory at Proof

Sunday brunch at Hominy Grill

I stayed at my parents' house for a couple extra days. We went to see my grandmother. This is James, Adelyn, and Harris (my cousin's little boy)
My mom and her mom

Classic Adelyn story: She asked my grandmother when she's going to Heaven. Luckily, she didn't hear her. I about DIED. The entire time we were at the nursing home she was loudly asking "Is this where old people live?" "Is that who takes care of the old people?" "Is that where the old people eat?" 
This is the Baxter YMCA in Fort Mill. There kids' pool area is absolutely amazing. They both had hours of fun and promptly fell asleep on the way home. See Adelyn coming down all crazy at the base of the slide? 

Nana and James

How cool is this baby bouncy swing?

This was a giant frog's mouth (kids slid down the tongue)

On the way home, I met my friend Amber for lunch in Greenville. Her two are within weeks of my two. This is the second time we've met at Chic Fil A for lunch and playtime.

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